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Big Love and Hard Places, Redux

In recent weeks, I've heard from more than a couple of peeps and clients experiencing some really challenging times and energies, in various ways. One, a long-time reader and client, requested that I share this particular post anew. It seems... Continue Reading →

Retrospective: Free Your Heart. Be As You Are.

Happy Protomagia, as my Greek friend Marinela says, a.k.a. Beltane or May Day (a traditional "thank God we survived the long Winter" celebratory and abundance-appreciating reference before 'May Day' got co-opted for martial purposes! Also connected with Persephone and her... Continue Reading →

Say Hello to My Little Friend: True Boredom

Loved. This. Musing. Truly I did. And do.

From LeebyGeeby at Shamagaia. Well-written, insightful, and funny as hell … o … operator. Have a look; see for yourself.

Thanks L.G. This was good, fun, and yes, wise, medicine this afternoon.

Big Love,


The Chairman of The Bored himself, Iggy Pop, at Pink Pop 1987
Image source: Wikipedia (Creative Commons 2.0)

I don’t actually remember the last time I was this bored. Really bored. I’m talking Iggy Pop grade Chairman of the Board, bored: industrial strength bored. The kind of bored that makes you want to throw a fit on the floor and slap yourself a number of times just to have something to do. Angry-bored. I would almost go as far to say existentally bored, but nah, fuck it, that sounds way too much like hard work in the explanation department.

Why is this even blog-worthy you say? Well, because it’s just so damn rare for me to get bored.

So it’s different and meaningful. An opportunity to take a holiday from myself. A rare space in my ridiculous busy-busy-busy, “grown up” life. A chance to let myself burn down to the…

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Empaths & Sensitives Series – Leveling [Part 3]

[This is Part 3 of the ongoing 'Wisdom for Empaths & Sensitives' series. If you haven't already, you'll want to read the intro article first - you'll find it here. The second post in this series shared more on these types of dynamics... Continue Reading →

Free Your Heart (and Mind). Be as You Are.

I've been quite introspective over the last month or so, even more than usual (see my previous post, Hail to the Hermit). Those who aren't introvert-contemplative types (most people, seemingly), can't grok the need for periods of deep introspection, quiet,... Continue Reading →

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