Happy Lùnastal and Full Moon lunar eclipse at the mid-Aquarius power gate.

I’ve already written a bit about some of the Heartistry-inviting Energies (and themes) of Now, so I’ll share a few things that surfaced intuitively this morning as I sensed in to the myriad energies streams swirling around.

Here’s a little Full Moon Eclipse week (or month) primer, reflection guide, journal-starter.

Full Moon in the desert. Image: NASA.

One clear theme-line that arose is this:

Liberating the Warm, Wild Heart.

Or even moreso:

Liberating our warm, wild-hearted, freak-flag-flying genius non-conformist.

As for what that means individually, we’d each have to inquire and sense into it so that it can reveal whatever inner-mysteries and clues.

Read on for a few insight and inspiration sparkers.

Liberating the Warm, Wild Hearted, freak-flag-flying, nonconformist genius does draw from the essences and qualities of Leo, where the Sun is in its pilgrimage, and Aquarius, where the moon edges towards its fullness in direct opposition to the Sun.

Liberating, Freak-Flag, Nonconformist Genius? Aquarius themes.

Warm, Wild Heartedness? Leo theme.

Liberating from what? Read on.

Next, Some Hummingbird Love.

The Green Violet-Eared Hummingbird. Image courtesy of Mdf/Laitche via Wikimedia.

I promise, it’s related.

The Hummingbird also fluttered into my awareness, most likely because I was buzzing around in Hummingbird fashion this morning, touching on this to-do, that bit of inspiration.

The Hummingbird has long been a much-loved, much-admired creature for me, and for many others, too, if we take as evidence the totems of myriad traditions.

The qualities associated with the Hummingbird as totem give more clues to the energies, essences, themes, and invitations being illuminated and empowered now in the Symphony of the Spheres, and within us, as microcosms of the cosmos.

The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. PD Image: U.S. National Park Service.

The Hummingbird manages to do the seemingly impossible, at least where ‘possible’ is defined by the reasoning human mind.

Hint, hint.

It flies, stops, hovers, changes direction very quickly. These mighty wee birds migrate hundreds, or even thousands, of miles.

They’re said to be associated in the Andean traditions with resurrection, because in cold temperatures they appear to have died, only to rise into life again with the warmth of the Sun.

They’re delicate-looking, tiny, and beautiful. They’re also persistent, fierce, and resilient.

If you’re like me, when the Hummingbird graces us with its sudden appearance, you feel the heart-warming, heart-opening sheer joy that it brings as one of its gifts.

Their presence inspires heartfulness, creativity, joy. And, for you, what else?

So while the Hummingbird may not be a symbol or totem traditionally associated with Leo — that would be the Lion and Lioness — I would easily include Hummingbird with the mighty big-cats in the Leo Mysteries.

They’re surely as fierce-hearted and courageous (heart-full) enough to easily earn their place there.

What can the Hummingbird, as well as Lion and Lioness, teach and inspire, stir and invite from us, in this Leonine lunar and solar cycle?

Full Moon Shadow-Stuff Release or Revelation

Earth’s Moon and Atmosphere. PD Image: NASA.

The Full Moon has been associated with ripening, and with release, and, to me, revelation … something coming into consciousness, like an Aha!.

Also, being pregnant with potential … some creative expression that wants to be birthed; or insight from experience or heartfelt passion that wants to be gathered and shared.

With Full Moon in Aquarius, we might look to where we’ve become a bit too detached, overly heady, and out of our warm, sensual, animal body (or perhaps not objective enough if we’re in full-tilt drama-king/queen (Leo) mode).

Or where the Saturnian (co-ruler of Aquarius) over-amped authoritarian or tyrant has nearly suffocated our (vital, in these times) warm-hearted, whole-hearted, Freak-Flag-flying, Uranian-Promethean (modern co-ruler of Aquarius), creative nonconformist.

Without consciousness and balance, Aquarius and other Air-sign shadows can express as so withdrawn into the mental concept of something — the mental mast … er … gymnastics for its own sake — that it crosses into the dangerous territory of being cold, mechanical, heartless, and thus inhumane and cruel.

Joy and creativity killing. The psychopath, sociopath, malignant-NarciPath. Ish, or full-on.

That might be the scientist, technologist, academic/intellectual, or CEO who is so caught up in the left-brain experiment, analysis, stature, profits, tech creation for its own sake, that he or she gives no thought at all to consequences on actual living, breathing, feeling humans or animals or the living Earth herself.

Reconnecting with Heart

Archer at the opening ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympic Games — an exquisite and elegant moment!

We access the brightest Aquarian-Promethean qualities when that genius is not just connected to the heart, but inspired and guided by it.

Prometheus, in myth, was humanity’s champion, not its conqueror. Chiron was involved in Prometheus’s release … the healed Chirotic Wound.

Another hint, hint.

With a heart-sourced Aqua-Promethean genius, the worthy quest, the scientific discovery, the technological creation, is life-honoring, humane, and contributes to the liberation of humanity and other beings from the psychopathic machinations of the disconnected.

Small Courageous Ritual

Remember, Lùnastal or Lammas/Lughnasadh, was considered a ‘thin time’ by in the Gael traditions, as well as a harvest-appreciation festival.

Just as we review, gather, and express gratitude for some harvests, we also sow some fresh seeds as well.

Find ways to take these seeds — actual or metaphorical — into fertile grounds, so they can be showered with the warmth of the Leo Sun and empowered into deeper-rooting by the Full Moon.

Timely Inquiry

Una and the Lion, 1880, by Briton Riviere. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

As the late priest-poet John O’Donohue said, the question is the lantern.

What has heart and joy?

What stirs the heart?

How might that whole-heartedness be a gift and blessing bestowed on others … on humanity?

More power-inquiries:

The Sun doesn’t know its own brilliance until its reflected back by the light of the Moon.

That came to me in a meditation and reflection period some years ago, and I still feel stirred and inspired by the many ways its meaning unfolds.

How might our own full Lunar, liminal-medial nature reflect to us the brilliance of our inner light, the Divine spark?

What of these beautiful Leonine, Aquarian-Promethean, and Hummingbird qualities stir and call to me, reminding me of a gift that I might share with others?

How might we more whole-heartedly and warm-heartedly reflect back someone else’s brilliance, Divine spark, to them?

Big Love,


Featured image: Purple-throated Carib. Photo courtesy of Charles J. Sharp, Wikimedia (CC).