Mother of the World, by Nicholas Roerich [Roerich Museum, NYC]
Mother of the World, by Nicholas Roerich [Roerich Museum, NYC]
In her book, Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God*, Caitlin Matthews writes:

“There is a need for an essential gathering of what we have scattered … When we each become part of this quest, which is nothing less than the remaking of the universe, we embody Sophia here on earth.

This task is the basis of Sophia’s mysteries: not the return to heavenly perfection as envisaged by the revealed religions, but the regeneration and resacralization of the whole universe.

These gracious caretakers, who are the hands and feet of Sophia in our world, have taken upon themselves the task of rebuilding Wisdom’s temple, which in Proverbs 9 is described as having seven pillars.

These seven practical supports are the gifts of the Holy Spirit that meet the needs of our times and shelter all life forms under the arching roof of her compassionate love.”

“They work to turn folly into wisdom, incomprehension into understanding, ignorance into knowledge, meeting helplessness with counsel, weakness with strengthening encouragement; countering spiritual disease with food for a healthy spirit; facing the horrors of desacralization with a respect for life that is compassionate.”

'Sophia - the Wisdom of the Almighty (Santa Protectrix)' by Nicholas Roerich, 1932
‘Sophia – the Wisdom of the Almighty (Santa Protectrix)’ by Nicholas Roerich, 1932

For many in these times, the initiation into Sophia’s Mysteries — a great awakening and reclamation of lost and forgotten Sophia Gifts — sometimes includes what has been called the Dark Night of the Soul.

It is the transformative Via Feminina, in which emptying comes before rejuvenation, regeneration, and refilling, and the activation or remembrance of the Sophian gifts.

For me, though the zodiac sign of Capricorn is said to be ruled by Saturn, my sense is that Saturn stands before Sophia … to get to Wisdom, you have to go through Saturn, Master Magi, Master Teacher.

So my friend Molly Hall’s blog post about Venus and Capricorn, which links to several of my previous Sophia’s Children posts about Sophia Mysteries and gifts, sheds a bit more insight on this pairing of Saturn and Sophia. You’ll find it here.

And, as the name Sophia’s Children hints at, you’ll find a rich store of inspiration here in the Sophia’s Children archives … follow the categories below or on the sidebar, or follow the links to recent posts.

You’ll also find inspiration and Feminina-stirring food in the Feminine Mojo Mystery School, which features unique audio programs, among other things.

Big Love, and Be Well.


Find Caitlin Matthews book, Sophia, here. To learn more of Nicholas Roerich’s profound work, see the Nicholas Roerich Museum, N.Y.