That’s a question I hear from quite a few people. “When will this craziness stop?” “When will my efforts bear fruit?” “When will the money start flowing in again?” “When will it get easier?” “When will things go back to ‘normal’?”


I’ve asked this question a lot, too, along with a litany of other questions, so I truly understand the curiosity, anticipation, impatience, and often the anxiety and fear that feed the question, “When…?”

It’s an ‘in between’ question, when we’ve got things happening behind the scenes; or when we’re waiting for the signs that the seeds we’ve planted and have been nurturing for what seems like forever will (finally) show their green sprouts.

The Sower of the System, 1902, by George Frederic Watts.
The Sower of the System, 1902, by George Frederic Watts.

Or we’ve been in an ‘everything’s falling apart’ cycle (for what feels like forever) and are feeling the fatigue and despair of it, and so we’re full of “When?” because there are bills to pay, our gut is clenched with panic, and our very sanity seems to hinge on the promise of new growth.

It seems there have been a lot more behind-the-scenes and In-Between experiences happening: a deep watching, listening, and waiting; dealing with the impatience and uncertainty of the seeming standstill; and a more spartan, discerning movement into action.

While this isn’t a bad thing, it’s very different from the conditioned Western default of busy-do-do-do, always-in-action mode, keeping a tight grip on control (yes, that’s an illusion, but a persistent one).

My sense was that for quite a few empaths and sensitives, emerging spiritual or Wisdom teachers, healers, the great drawing inward and downward has been a key theme for these transformative, intense Uranus-Square-Pluto years.

The same would be the case for anyone whose astro-mythology blueprint (chart) is more directly affected by these highly transformative Uranus-Pluto-Square Etc. energetics.

When something is in deconstruction mode, or we’re in-between cycles (whether individually or collectively), just as when you do exhale a long-held breath, there’s a pause. The pause, the stillness, that’s always present (but not as often noticed) between breathing in and breathing out.

The Water Nymph, by John Collier.
The Water Nymph, by John Collier.

In Natural Systems this space is sometimes called an ecotone – like a marsh, an in-between place where two other eco-systems meet and create something altogether different.

It’s a liminal place, more suited to and more easily navigated by the medial, oracular, and other facilities of the Feminine. 

Our more linear, rational, Masculine, conditioned thinking mind isn’t comfortable in this place or space; it doesn’t know the way.

And I suspect that Extroverts may have a more difficult time with the In-Between than Introverts might — so more Extroverted types need to tap their Inner Introvert, and Masculine-biased folks their Inner-Feminina.

What’s strange and intense and challenging for many is that this pause or standstill or ecotone can happen even amidst turbulent energies or when things personal or global are in deconstruction mode (the gist: stilling or the pause can coincide with crazy wild change unfolding).

Have you experienced this, or perhaps you’re experiencing it now?

The Valkyries Vigil, by Edward Robert Hughes (Image courtesy WikiCommons)
The Valkyries Vigil, by Edward Robert Hughes (Image courtesy WikiCommons)

For empaths and sensitives in particular — those who are wired to be more sensitive to subtle (and not so subtle) energies and whose work on the planet at this time is one of helping to facilitate the great Shift — it’s been a turbulent and challenging time.

And this is on the inner, energetic landscape. The external circumstances of our lives may still seem crazy-wild, unsettled, or in obstruction or deconstruction mode.

This is why the in-between question of “When?” often does have the impatience, frustration, and outright fear behind it. There’s a sometimes seemingly unbearable tension to it, and we feel our own and no doubt others’ tension, too.

Waiting — trusting the pull of ‘right timing’, and moreso learning again to trust Life itself (something so many of us have been severed from) — is challenging, but I know from experience that pushing prematurely or resisting the natural timing doesn’t help, and often seems to create more ‘issues’ than it solves.

Indeed, while it’s understandable to thrash and fight and resist and wrestle with current circumstances, and maybe we need to do a bit of that at some points, the thrashing and resisting only serve to muddy the waters, feed frustration, and divert power and energy (through attention and thrashing) from what visionary activist Caroline Casey calls The Desirable Story.

In lovely synchronicity, I came across Glenys Livingstone’s Triple Spiral article mentioning Imbolc as a time of ‘Not Yet’.

She asks, “Can we bear witness to the Not Yet,” the necessary womb-time for what is gestating and will come into birth in its right timing? Or will we give in to our impatience and fear and push prematurely and too hard, hurting ourselves and perhaps jeopardizing the healthiest, best-timed birthing?

A Roman Matron, 1905, by John William Godward.
A Roman Matron, 1905, by John William Godward.

So, yes, “But when?” is the natural question, and the rather frustrating answer is usually, “In its own perfect time.”

What can (or do) you do to ‘bear witness’ to the Not Yet, to keep an equilibrium, nurture your patience and faith, ease and soothe your fear and anxiety, and stay open to the inspiration of the in-between?

One key area of focus is to cultivate and gather your energy; be discerning about where your attention goes (and thus what it’s feeding); and strengthen your place in the Center of the Wheel where your sovereignty dwells and we more easily invoke Crazy, Holy Grace.

I shared a few of my favorite practices — though I’m often called to improvise, too — in the Sophia’s Children blog entry on “Calming Remedies for Amped-Up Energies.”

The Prophet Miriam, 1862, by Anselm Feuerbach.
The Prophet Miriam, 1862, by Anselm Feuerbach.

And I’ve linked to other related Sophia’s Children posts above for more centering inspiration.

My ‘behind the scenes’ musings and jottings point ahead to more articles and resources for my fellow empaths and change agents, as well as those who are helping to rebirth the Feminine and thus going through major deconstructing Pluto-Persephone transformations in their lives.

When? Soon. There is a part of you — though it may have been long hidden away — that knows how to be In-Between and Liminal, and knows the richness and possibility and potential of this ecotone you’re in.

Feel free to send me an email in the meanwhile if you’d benefit from a lantern-holder and guide as you navigate this liminal, uncertain In-Between.

Until then, deep breaths and deep blessing.

Lots of love,

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