Boreas, by John William Waterhouse (1903), Image courtesy of WikiCommons.
Boreas, by John William Waterhouse (1903), Image courtesy of WikiCommons.

We’re still in the midst of some intense energetics afoot at the moment, which means more than a few people are being activated directly (if current planetary transits affect you directly).

Others among us might be feeling the challenging or even toxic juju wafting about in the ethers — this qualifies as a ‘day in the life’ occupational hazard for empaths and sensitives.

Resisting such energy tides really works at cross-purposes, so a wise strategy is to  go with the flow, and alchemize and repurpose the energy in the spirit of the fierce and feisty Feminine.

For ‘get in the zone’ inspiration, Artemis, Durga, and Lilith come immediately to mind, and that’s just the short-list of fabulous Feisty Feminina energy pools to dive into to remember and awaken our Feminine Mojo.

Diana (Artemis) the Huntress, 16th Century, School Of Fontainebleau
Diana (Artemis) the Huntress, 16th Century, School Of Fontainebleau

We’ve got our Artemis gifts, of course, which I summarized in this Sophia’s Children post, but for current fierce-and-feisty purposes, there’s a little story about Artemis that says it all.

Artemis is the Lady of the Wilds — not just protectress of the forests and wild things, but also an embodiment of the feral, untamed, wild Feminine lifeforce that pulses in us (and that the cranky old Patriarchs tried their best to snuff out).

While bathing in a beautiful forest pool, the goddess Artemis notices that she’s being watched by a hunter lurking in the trees so as to catch a glimpse. This, of course, is wildly taboo, which he knows. But he does it anyway.

Bummer for him, though — he pays a price for his crass disrespect. Artemis uses her superpowers to turn him into a deer and sets his own hunting dogs after him. They pretty much eat him for dinner, making clear how Artemis feels about those who disrespect Nature, the wildlings, and the Feminina.

Maha Durga Vanquishing the Demons
Maha Durga Vanquishing the Demons

In other chronicles of the fierce Feminine, Maha Durga is called upon when the evil shenanigans of the demon-archontics get way out of hand, wreaking havoc on everything and everyone.

Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? Using her array of Divinely Feminina superpowers, Maha Durga pretty much cleans house and clears those MoFo demons out in no time flat, without breaking  a sweat.

Lilith, by John Collier (1892)
Lilith, by John Collier (1892)

And then there’s Lilith, another original feral, feisty, fierce Feminina. You remember Lilith, right? She who wouldn’t allow others to treat her as a second-rate being? If not, definitely get acquainted (and if acquainted, you’ll know the value of refreshing and re-stoking your Lilith-Mojo).

And the Black Madonna? Her fierce compassion and steady gaze stands for all that has been oppressed, repressed, stifled, marginalized, or worse … but here she still is, and her Keepers of the Flame, too.

These stories of the fierce and feisty shamanic Feminina remind us that sometimes, fierceness and even anger — mindfully alchemized and purposed — can be the perfect medicine.

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Featured Image Credit: Briton Riviere, Pallas Athena and the Herdsman’s Dogs.