Once again, the Cosmic Symphony will feature some potent Galactic Center-empowered play as we move through this month and cross the threshold of the year-end Holy Days and into a fresh new calendar year.

I’ve been receiving a flurry of questions specific to the Galactic Center as it relates to individuals and the individual mythic story we’re all living into and expressing.

So it makes sense to share Are You a Galactic Center Transmitter? article again.

Might you have a particularly powerful connection to this? What clues and messages illuminate your role in this Cosmic Symphony of Now?

Read on, my friend.

Image from Spitzer Space Telescope, courtesy of NASA.

Saturn, and later this year, the Sun, will once again transit the Galactic Center (G.C.) astrological degree in late Sagittarius (26-27 Saj), completing a Trine with Uranus in Aries and stirring up some interesting conversation, possibilities, and perhaps even a few potent, fiery, and electrical Cosmic-Juju pulses into the shared energy field in which we all dance.

The ancients didn’t call it the Music of the Spheres for nothing; it’s a symphony, and we’re all both instruments and dancers in this grand cosmic dance.

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These are also potent energy waves rolling through the shared field, so it’s a great time to re-dedicate to wise energy hygiene and self-care — it’s what allows us to share our gifts and presence more effectively and joyfully.

You’ll find a couple of handy Energy Hygiene and M-Field articles linked on the full article, too.

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Featured Image Credit: Sagittarius A at the Galactic Center. July 23, 2014. Image courtesy of The Chandra Observatory, NASA.