Just now, we have the Full Moon (in Gemini), Mercury stationing retrograde (in Saj, at the Galactic Center); the now-waning agida-spiking, flame-throwing opposition between Uranus and Mars; a lovely, “spacious mind” alliance between Jupiter and Neptune, and the heightened electric mind, sensitivity and fire-fuel that goes with it.

We might see a bit more of the people who tend to bully, manipulate, and/or erupt all over others just as others are more sensitive than usual.

I know; like that’s new.

But yes, that means heightened potential for hissy fits, offloads, tantrum yoga, puffed-up pigeonry, purposeful and manipulative deception, and the possibility for ruffled feathers and hurt feelings. You know, the usual toxic-normal ‘interpersonal’ behaviors and tactics.

But not only that – there’s always something more than that.

Be the Light, Help Illuminate the Way … [Image shared in an e-message from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism]
Because at the same time, the Season of Lights is upon us, and despite the fact that it seems the psychopaths and bullies have taken over the asylum, we always have the opportunity to be more intentional and mindful in — maybe even stubborn about — also noticing beauty, evidence for Grace, reasons for appreciation (and to share it), expressions of joy, and the acts of decency and kindness all around us.

For me, this is essential fortification and nourishment if I’m going to have the clarity, energy, and heartfulness to take a stand and write and speak the words in the face of the crazy, the indecent, the inhumane, the cruel; and also be a presence of the values and qualities that are a kind of medicine.

I’ve heard from more than a few readers, clients, friends who’ve been feeling overwhelmed; kind of shock-stunned at what’s been perpetually stirring in the news as well as the shared M-field and all that it dredges up within and around us; and who feel worn out, fatigued. I can relate; I’ve felt that nipping at my heels, too.

So I’ll wrap this post with words from and a link to a previous post — Transformation Fatigue and Keeping Heart.

“For many horizon-edge walkers and vision-seeders, transformation agents, and similar culture-shifters, or just people trying to be decent and kind in a culture and world that seems too-often indecent and insane, transformation fatigue, apathy, and burnout are occupational hazards, ever nipping at our heels.”

“It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and become fatigued, numbed, or heavy hearted at what seems a daunting task in the face of myriad epic challenges that roll in like waves from the ocean.”

“There are practices, and wise words of experience-based inspiration, that help us find our way through …”

Read the full …

Transformation Fatigue and Keeping Heart

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Emerald Green Butterfly. Image courtesy of Nature's Crusaders.
Emerald Green Butterfly. Image courtesy of Nature’s Crusaders.

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Featured Image Credit: Violet blue butterfly by Vera Kratochvil via PD pics.