An illuminated Way ... [Image shared in an e-message from the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism]“The first steps toward the creation of wholehearted empowerment in our lives are to leave space for it and ask for it with sincerity. We can’t overlook the power of devotion to create the feeling of possibility in our lives. … this seemingly outer devotion also opens doors to our inner community of voices — in Aramaic terms, the naphtha or subconscious soul-self. It is there that we find the seeds of malkuta — empowerment, the inner revolution.” ~ Neil Douglas-Klotz, The Hidden Gospel

In the last month, maybe two, I’ve seen and heard more expressions of fear and foreboding than is usually the case. And that’s saying something.

I’ve felt the waves and swirls of it, too. I’ve felt and seen the contractions in my own self and life. The shared “M-field” is full of fear-and-foreboding swirl — that ‘narrow mind’ thing I wrote about not too long ago in Narrow Mind, Spacious Mind.

I also know — from my own “for better and for worse” experience with letting that intensity of fear and foreboding co-opt my focus — that living in that state only seems to serve to strengthen, to give energy to, the exact thing or things I feared or felt dread about.

There’s another bit that Neil Douglas-Klotz shares in his book The Hidden Gospel — one of my ‘go to’ reflection aids that I return to again and again.

Spiral Galaxy, M51. Hubble-NASA. PD-US.
Spiral Galaxy, M51. Hubble-NASA. PD-US.

In translating from both Aramaic language and Aramaic mind, he shares this translation of a bit of scripture:

Open a space for those
who try to tie you up.
Lay a trap that catches
and releases all of their knots
and binding complexities.
Let your prayer for them be:
“Oh Alaha, use this force that
pushes and contracts,
that chases and entangles,
to guide us all back to
harmony with you.”

Alaha would be the Aramaic word that Jesus used for “God” (a Germanic word that means “good”). Alaha can be translated as “Sacred Unity” — One, All That Is. The “Life(force) in Abundance” that moves in, through, as, and between all things.

Douglas-Klotz shares that harmony with Alaha, and the “vision plus I Can!” that is “deep within our belly” is what makes the supposedly impossible become possible.

So what does that have to do with all of that intense fear and foreboding — energy, thought forms, body reactions — that swirls within and around us now?

Black Pearl in His Shell. GNU-Free image from Brocken Inaglory, Wikimedia.
Black Pearl in His Shell. GNU-Free image from Brocken Inaglory, Wikimedia.

Gathering back our energy (Light) and coming back to center.

I’ve never been one to say that we should avoid thinking anything ‘negative’ at all, though I have, or did, live a fair bit of my life feeling that I couldn’t show or admit that I was fearful, struggling, vulnerable.

I feared that if anyone knew that I was both a pillar of strength with gifts to share and sometimes absolutely fear-stricken at times, facing this obstacle or that challenge that tested me to my core sometimes, they’d think less of me.

There is some truth to that — there’s a lot of internalized judgment out there, and related standards or expectations of an impossible, inhuman perfectionism.

That’s a lonely place, isolated. The fear grows and flourishes in places of isolation and internalized-perfectionism and self-judgment.

And that level of fear does seem to disperse (or co-opt) our vital energy and focus, diminish our healthy confidence, and dim our Light.

It’s also true that those same ‘challenges to the core’ have led me, again and again, into deeper layers of true self, more gifts to share, deeper rooting, and many other things.

Spiral fern. Wikimedia.The most important thing is to gather our energy (and focus) back, come back into our True Center, breathe deeply into that wellspring, and be revitalized by it.

Yes, there are practices that absolutely help with that — gathering back, centering, reclaiming our power of focus and attention, receiving vision and inspired guidance, accessing intuition which arrives in the moment.

Those practices help us to re-unify within ourselves, and also in our awareness of our interconnection with all that is through All That Is.

But we have to not just know about those practices, but actually do them.

That’s the power of devotion that Neil Douglas-Klotz speaks of, and the “using the entanglements and constrictions” to guide us back into harmony with Alaha, Sacred Unity, Oneness.

In times of great fear and foreboding …

There’s that saying, “We were born for these times.”

Which would mean that we have what we need, and gather what we need along the way, to be as we’re here to be for these times.

That’s why everyone’s path might be different, even as we share things in common. One’s path is very much aligned with one’s purpose.

I actually believe that, but it also makes sense that those drawn to spirit-centered and/or heart-illuminating awareness, awakening, and living it — being the change — would actually BE a healing, harmonizing influence in the “shared M-field.”

So in times of great fear and foreboding, it becomes even more essential that we acknowledge that fear and foreboding — and the things that stir it — but not let it colonize us, “build a house and move in.”

River of Fire Flies, by Kobayashi Kiyochika. PD-US.It’s essential that those of us who are so inclined, so moved, be the remedy, shine that Light that gathers and expresses uniquely in and through each one of us. (As in the recently shared post: I build a Lighted House and therein I dwell).

Sure, we might have times when the fear-waves (and Lizard Brain body reaction) bowl us over.

We might still be aware of those internalized Voices of Judgement and Perfectionism that want us to shrink back, become small, stay quiet, not reach out.

We might feel vulnerable and a little shaky sometimes when we gather back, reach out, shine our light as part of the Big Remedy.

We do that more easily when we’ve gathered our overly-dispersed energy back, rooted more deeply into the core of our being, renewed our True Focus, and — if and when we can and/or need to — reach out, ask for kindred-spirit help with that, cultivate in community rather than in isolation.

The various spiritual (and other) traditions seem to affirm that when we are unified within — the source of that ‘change of heart and renewal of mind’ — “all things are possible.” Synchronicities, what we’d call ‘miracles’ or ‘impossible magic’.

That’s a beautiful thought, and there’s plenty enough anecdotal and perhaps even personal experience for such evidence for Grace suggesting that it may well be true.

Black Madonna, Mother of Mercy, at the Gates of Hope, Vilna, Lithuania. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Black Madonna, Mother of Mercy, at the Gates of Hope, Vilna, Lithuania. Image courtesy of Wikimedia. For more on the Black Madonna, see the Deep Feminine writings in Reader Favorites Series (above nav bar).

At the very least, the atmosphere or Presence that our gathered-Light creates is and can be a healing, harmonizing, centering, remembrance-catalyzing influence to those around us and rippling out into the “shared field” of energy and thought-form.

In these times of fear and foreboding, cultivate your Light, be your Light, shine your Light.

Intend towards and cultivate that “empowering whole-heartedness to presence and share into the world around you (each of us). (A really beautiful notion, that.)

Yes, it might be practice, given the fear-swirl of the times and our internalized conditioning. Yes, that might be deep practice.

But it’s much more preferable to the alternative — adding more fuel to the raging fires of collective fear and foreboding.

Your (our) Alaha expressing as you (each of us) — your (our) big Light — is already there, waiting to be gathered and used consciously and with powerful core-intent to shine out as a blessing, harmonizing, healing presence.

We become beacons and ambassadors (amblissadors?) of the Beauty Way of Relating.

That’d surely be good and welcomed “medicine” in these times.

Gather back and gain momentum with an ally.

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Big Love,