Thisbe, Listening (1909), by John William Waterhouse.
Thisbe, Listening (1909), by John William Waterhouse.

“Listen and attend with the ear of your heart.” ~ St. Benedict

Who doesn’t want to step out of the perpetual spin-cycle of fear, dread, and anxiety?

Heart- and Spirit centering practices come in many shapes and sizes, and have an abundance of tangible benefits — including shifting our brain out of perpetual fear-and-anxiety limbic-mode, according to considerable neuroscience research.

The neuroscience is truly welcome, but those of us who practice also know and feel the benefits from our own experience.

There is a whole spectrum of powerful ‘Inner Way‘ or vibrational healing practices that help us open to the Divine; to cleared, lightened, and heightened vibration; increased empathy and compassion (among other superpowers); and very real mind-body benefits as well.

To the Ancients, this meant opening to the deepest and purest form of Love — Divine Love, which was and is still associated with Source, blessing, and the very life-force which enlivens all.

In the Christian tradition, for example, in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (1:18), the telestai and evangelist says:

“I pray that the Divine may give you a spirit of Wisdom and revelation as you come to know the Divine, so that, with the eyes of your heart enlightened, you may know what is the hope to which you’ve been called.”

Sibylla Palmifera (1866–1870), by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Now in the Lady Lever Gallery. Image courtesy WikiCommons.
Sibylla Palmifera (1866–1870), by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Now in the Lady Lever Gallery. Image courtesy WikiCommons.

There are many translations of this phrase, including one that says,

“May the eyes of your heart be washed with light,” and “I pray that your hearts be flooded with light.”

Other forms and translations speak of “polishing the mirror of the Heart” and “cleansing the eyes (and ears) of the Heart.”

Even attuning with such a phrase … I pray that your heart be flooded with light, or may the eyes and ears of my Heart be cleansed gives us a sense of what it feels like to attune to the Divine vibe-stream, by any name.

With so much unrest and turmoil happening around and within us, opening our hearts to Light and Love, aligning and attuning with the “Divine Vibe” as we envision it, can be both our shelter from the storm and our guiding star through it.

Plus, a growing body of neuroscience research shows that such practices activate areas of the brain that decrease the tyranny of fear and open up inspiration, empathy, clear thinking, compassion, intuition, and other desirables.

Attuned, aligned, with our hearts washed with light, we are more relaxed and open to intuition, inspiration, Wisdom, purpose, a sense of right action, loving thought and behavior … all of the “right brain” ways the Divine speaks to and moves through us.

Delicious, isn’t it? And an easy shift to begin, or deepen, starting now.

May the eyes and ears of your heart be illuminated; may your heart be filled with Divine goodness, and may its light shine brightly, illuminating your own (and others’) Way.

Big Love,

The Fair Face of Woman, by Sophia Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903)
The Fair Face of Woman, by Sophia Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903)

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