Pia de Tolomei (1868-1880), by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Pia de Tolomei (1868-1880), by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

“The forces of love and greed are contesting with one another, and both are immensely strong — so strong that almost anything could tip the balance.

Everything we do now is vitally important. Each act of healing is a weight on the side of Life.

The drama moves towards its climax, and any one of us could be the small stone that starts the avalanche. What a great time to be alive!”

~ Starhawk, The Earth Path

We’ve lost the knowing that there can be magic and meaning in the smallest everyday things and spontaneous little rituals.

But what’s been forgotten can be remembered, and some of us have this very thing woven into our vocation, calling, and purpose.

Like a siren, it calls to us constantly, and we’re happiest (or will find ourselves happiest) when we answer and honor that call.

At Aphrodite's Cradle, by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema.
At Aphrodite’s Cradle, by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema.

When we realize that small things can be potently powerful, we can bring greater mindfulness, attention, and energy to the way we move through both great and simple activities of the day.

We can remember that the way that we do things — the presence we bring to actions and interactions — is powerful magic. Thus, it’s a key facet of the Via Feminina — the magic of the Feminine, reclaimed.

It requires intention, devotion, the conviction of one’s Heart, and an unwavering commitment to reclaiming and remembering, embodying and expressing, the forgotten (suppressed) ways of Wisdom, the magicks of the Feminine Way.

Given that so many express an increasing anxiety and lack of purpose and meaning, this remembering of the great power of small, everyday things can be magic in and of itself.

Big Love,