“You see, there is a tendency to talk about the moment, more than to savor the moment.” ~ Debra K. Fileta, The Effect of Social Media on Relationships, Relevant Magazine

It’s not just about technology, of course; “Smart Phones” and social media just make it easier, and more addictive, to be self-absorbed, preoccupied, and distracted … overly dispersed and spread far too thin. Never here.

We’d either be oblivious or bobbing in a sea of cognitive dissonance to pretend that perpetual distraction didn’t have undesirable or toxic effects on our relationships — and actual relating.

The relationships and oases of relating that add actual quality and meaning, love and beauty to our lives require our presence, our attention, our devotion, and our mindfulness … our heartfulness … if they’re to flourish.

We have to actually show up, not just “hook up.”

The Green Violet-Eared Hummingbird. Image courtesy of Mdf/Laitche via Wikimedia.

“Intimacy is what we all crave. We all want to be loved. We want to give love and receive love. We all crave for others to be with us. And that love is often the slow, patient kind. It doesn’t show up on any list of tasks that have been crossed off.”

~ Omid Safi, “The Thief of Intimacy … Busyness,” OnBeing (featured in this Sophia’s Children post)

Recent shifts and the Energies of Now (and upcoming) will continue to support us in becoming more aware of where we have the beautiful invitation to deepen intimacy and explore the gifts of actual relating — in both in-person and technology-facilitated interactions — rather than skittering along the surface in perpetual distraction and shallowness.

(With the unfolding Energies of Now, we’ll also likely see much more discussion of the abuses of power in relationship rather than power-with — mutual respect and dignity honoring.

The Beauty Way of Relating got stirred and explored in its ideal and in opposite while Jupiter transited Libra; with Jupiter now in Scorpio, we’ll have the opportunity to deeply explore, become more intimate with, and bring about transformation through the Beauty Way. And we’ll see its opposite, which illuminates the ideal. It’s an and/both.)

To be continued. In the meanwhile …

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