Love's Messenger (1885), by Marie Spartali Stillman
Love’s Messenger (1885), by Marie Spartali Stillman

The Theologian Walter Wink and others have spoken of The Third Way – a radical concept in our (too often) “either/or”, win-lose culture.

Some traditions refer to the Divine Spark or Inner Light within us, which is hidden from us, then found, cultivated, and shared forth as ‘medicine’ or remedy for the world in these times.

This awareness was (and can be) part of the deeper, one might say spiritual or heart-centered meaning of the end-of-year holy days – the nourishing stream running beneath the joyous celebrations and more stressful elements of the holidays.

This ‘heart light’ and heart-centered intelligence is very much connected to The Beauty Way of Relating that I’ve written about before (another handy concept for this time of year … and all year ’round).

Eberhard Arnold spoke this beautiful invitation:

“If only our hearts were completely gripped by this: …”

Read the rest of this heart-stirring quote and reflection on the power of ‘Heart Light’ here.

Let the Season of Lights stir and illuminate the ‘heart light’ within each of us.

Big Love,