Fireflies at Ochanomizu, by Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915). US-PD.

The heartful, soulful quest.

The heart’s yearning is its primary language.

In her fresh musing, “Identity, Purpose and Destiny in Moana,” Janet Chui writes,

“The Sacred Feminine is strong in this movie. The female relationships are strong, supportive, and incredibly deep beyond what is shown on the surface. When the quest is literally to restore the heart of a goddess, the ways in which the title character, Moana, accomplishes this is a treasure trove of lessons.”

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A favorite image: Rafael Sergei Levitsky’s Bridge in the Woods. Public domain – {PD-US}.

The quest to “restore the world’s lost heart” and reunite Lover and Beloved — very timely even in the current astro-language —  is an unfolding one, eons old, and yet timely just now, too.

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Big Love and Heartful Questing,