A still from Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin-feature documentary by Arwen Curry. (See link below.)

“All times are changing times, but ours is one of massive, rapid moral and mental transformation. Archetypes turn into millstones, large simplicities get complicated, chaos becomes elegant, and what everybody knows is true turns out to be what some people used to think.”

“It’s unsettling. For all our delight in the impermanent, the entrancing flicker of electronics, we also long for the unalterable. We cherish the old stories for their changelessness. Arthur dreams eternally in Avalon. Bilbo can go “there and back again,” and “there” is always the beloved familiar Shire. Don Quixote sets out forever to kill a windmill … So people turn to the realms of fantasy for stability, ancient truths, immutable simplicities.”

~ Ursula Le Guin, in the

Foreword of Tales From Earthsea

There is much that is unsettled, and unsettling, just now. And so we reach deeply into that which is enduring, rooted, ‘evergreen’.

St Dyfnog’s Well, in Lianrhaiadr yn Cinmerch, Denbighshire, Wales — one of my ancestor dwelling places. Image courtesy of Megalithic Portal.

Many roots of Sophia’s Children spring forth from the wells of the “Ancient Truths,” the timeless stories, and the threads of ancestral wisdom that weaves into the present from the Elder TImes.

Dipping into these wells, sinking our roots deeply, nourishes and fortifies us as we live in, and into, the gale winds and storms of — and the powerful possibilities in —  “changing times.”

Here are a few of the Sophia’s Children Ancestral Wisdom, Ancestral Byways musings to help stir your root-reach into that deep, deep well of remembering.

And speaking of ancestral byways and holy, healing wells …

St. Dyfnog’s Well (pictured at right) is in one of my own ancestral byways — Denbighshire, Wales. There has been a church on the site since the 6th century, and it was likely a local holy or sacred well prior to that, as was often the case. So it’s one of many wells and springs long-associated with holy and healing powers.

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Aqua Sulis, Bath, England. Photo by your Sophia’s Children creatrix, Jamie Walters. Link here if you use it, please.

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