The New Moon opens at the Galactic Center midpoint at 1:30 a.m. NY Time on Monday, 12/18 (or 10:30 p.m. Pacific Time, Sunday night).

The New Moon joins a conjunction party (snugged close) with Venus and Saturn in a friendly, graceful (if very fiery and electric) Trine with Uranus in Aries and the fixed star Regulus (which recently made its own momentous shift).

The poetic Sabian Symbol for this New Moon degree is “The Sculptor’s Vision is Slowly But Surely Taking Form,” which seems very apt as Saturn readies to leave Truth-and-Vision-Questing Saj for Earthy “build it” Capricorn.

What do you find yourself envisioning and imagining and day-dreaming about most often? It’s a good time to check in with that, because the energy often follows the dominant thought-and-vision stream.

On the 19th, Saturn exits fiery Sagittarius and its two and a half year exploration of the questions “What is the actual Truth, and what do I/you believe?” (and, unfortunately, the potential fundamentalism that comes with that), and enters Earth-element Capricorn, a sign that Saturn rules and finds a more archetypally-sync’d home.

From Yang Fire to Yin Earth. Phoenix Potential to Rise Anew.

Detail from the 12th century Aberdeen Bestiary {PD-US} Wikimedia.

That’s one of several big shifts in the shared energetic and psychic field, and there are more to come over the next few months, particularly where it involves one’s vision and dominant thought-streams, and the re-emerging, fiercely rising Feminine and, we hope, Wise Wo/man.

I’ll be writing more about the most potent (and relevant) of these soon.

For now, though, the Galactic Center and Truth-Questing Sagittarius — fire, fire, fire (literal, unfortunately, and metaphorical) reign supreme.

You’ve likely been feeling, sensing, seeing, and hearing the kinds of things that rise up and out with the current dominant energies (we are energetic beings who live in a shared energetic field, after all).

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(You’ll find several more inspiration links tucked into those musings.)

Big Love (and Happy G.C.-powered New Moon),


Featured Image Credit: Photo of the Milky Way in Monument Valley, by Wally Pacheco, NASA/APOD.

Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn, Vilna, Lithuania. Image courtesy of Albertus Teolog, GNU, Wikimedia

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