“Take off your shoes,

for the place where you are

standing is holy ground.”

(Exodus 3:5)

It’s always nice (and sometimes sanity saving!) to remember that, breathe more deeply, and gather back the energy that’s overly dispersed through fear, anxiety, or scattered and fragmented awareness — that can happen a lot this time of year.

Just now, there are some big energy shifts underway as we see the end of 2017 and look into the promises and challenges of 2018 — more on that coming up soon.

(Just in case you need them, you’ll find handy tips for those nerve-fraying moments (or people), as well as Energy Hygiene and ‘Soothing Practices,’ in the Empaths & Sensitives Series.)

For right now, though …

I’m wishing you all Happy Holy Days, and an abundance of joyful moments, generosity of spirit, appreciation, delightful magic, and lots of Love.

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Big Love, Merry Christmas, and a brilliant Season of Lights!


Featured Image Credits: Advent candle, St. Stephen’s Church, Indianola (Rector’s Blog); and Advent Poinsettia of Light (Fll.cc)