Pollination by the Bee, by Louise Docker (2011). CC via Wikimedia.

There are musings, themes, writings, and offerings in the creative cauldron, bubbling away and readying for emergence in these curious times … stay tuned.

For now … Fire & Honey ‘Medicine’.

First, the Fire bit.

That’d be one key theme in the current energy weather, though the Honey part is linked and offers up some possible remedy – actual and symbolic.

Using Astro-language for the current Energy Weather, there is a Fire Trine in play:

• archetypal rebel and ‘creative nonconformist’ Uranus (Prometheus) in Aries;

Saturn, the archetypal master teacher and gatekeeper to Sophia, in Sagittarius; and

• the “what are we supposed to be leaning into” North Node, after its voyage through Virgo, now in big, generous-hearted (or epic stage-hog) late-Leo … a noticeable shift in the collective (un)conscious.

Mystery in the Galactic Center. Image courtesy of NASA.

AND … a biggie … these connect with that high-energy Galactic Center zone, which is no small bit of juice and does offer both zap and symbolic insight. (I wrote on the G.C. in The Galactic Center Time: Are You a G.C. Transmitter?).

I may (will likely) share more on these, because there are key themes surfacing, and these aren’t super-short transit-waves, but for now:

Fire’s Graces …

The Trine symbolizes a more graceful interactivity, and we can usually feel the difference in our day to day mind-and-body if we’re paying attention.

You might think of it as some Creative Grace + unique Mojo that is particularly available for you during this time — and likely in specific areas of life and ways of being and creating (schedule a Mojo reading/session to track the clues on your unique specifics).

Bhramari Devi, Avatar of Durga and Bee Goddess. PD WIkimedia.

Grace(fullness) is also a Fire element quality or keyword, among others.

Knowing the qualities and keywords can be helpful … very helpful … in more consciously channeling those energy bursts into more worthwhile activities.

Fire-Weather Beauty Way of Relating tips:

• Before you judge, investigate (Seneca), and

• Try curiosity & inquiry — rather than being judgmental or holier than thou (Saturn in Saj shadow side).

See more ‘Fire Graces’ and lovely, helpful qualities in the link below.

Fire’s Shadow …

As with (just about) everything, there is a shadow or toxic-side.

Fire shadow-behavior shows itself in fiery outbursts, ridiculous tantrums, lack of ‘impulse control’, frenetic activity that doesn’t necessarily lead to anything productive (and can stir conflict just to vent all of that fiery energy and impulse).

For that shadow, think:

the ‘rebel without a cause (other than its own attention-getting impulsiveness and provocation-addiction);

• the proverbial ‘bull in a china shop‘ (all snorty and raging, huffing and breakin’ stuff up);

• the ranting fundamentalist (not just religious) with eyeballs and neck-veins bulging (that’s both fascinating and freaky-scary, like they’ll combust any second!); and, of course,

• serial conflict-stirring.

Gosh, seen any of that happening lately?

Burnout is another Fire shadow, for that matter — all Yang (Fire and Air) and no Yin (Earth and Water) will lay waste. (Been there, done that, would rather not do it again, yes?)

Fire’s Gift Qualities …

Update your memory on Fire Element qualities and key themes with this Sophia’s Children archive-musing, so you can use that Fiery Energy for things that truly matter to you (while also tending your body, mind, nervous system with slow-and-soothing).

Fire Trines: Invoking Whole-Heartedness From the Ashes (that Phoenix-thing!)

Miel en frasco, from Mauricio Ramirez Macias. CC via Wikimedia.
Now for the Honey

… and a blog-sister’s lovely musings.

Honey is an amazing, near-miraculous (to me) creation from beloved and talented Honeybees.

These wee and glorious warriors have been under extended siege from (largely) man-made poisons (pesticides and fungicides) and other such modern “advances.”

Honey is also medicinal, and long-used to soothe burns, for one thing. We can take this literally, or symbolically in a Fire-element energy weather. Take your pick, or pick both.

Dandelions are one of the early Spring flowers that offer up pollen to the honeybees.

Dandelions, for their part, get a bad rap (thanks to pesticide company marketing).

Dandelions, though, offer much.

They are known for their historical and contemporary use as a ‘liver tonic’, among other benefits (and pack quite a bit of nutritional punch, if they’ve not been inundated with chemicals).

In Five Elements and Chinese medicine — as well as other elder-traditions — the liver is associated with anger, a.k.a. heat, a.k.a. Fire.

Bee on Dandelion. Photo by George Hodan, shared via PD Pics dot Net.

In this post from Nao of Honey Grove, she writes of dandelions, honey (and bees), wise women, and other delights and very relevant everday-wisdom:

“I am convinced that the world would be a much better place if we gathered more of our information from these three sources, the child, the honeybee and the wise-woman,” she writes.

Read more in her Honey Grove post, Dandelion Days, and check out the other lovely and inspiring things she’s writing about and creating and tending, too.

Clues, Guidance, and More Inspiration …

For extra clue-clarity on how the fiery creative potential is bubbling for you — and how you might work with it to gain clarity and momentum for your unique contribution just now:

Schedule a reading or consultation — here are a couple featured options.

For more gratis and generosity-economy inspiration, wander the links in this article, or check out the ‘tags’ and related Sophia’s Children musings below — there’s plenty!

Big Love for now,