The hydrothermic 'wellspring' at Aqua Sulis in Bath, England. Photo by Jamie S. Walters. Creative Commons - share with attribution and link.
The hydrothermic ‘wellspring’ at Aqua Sulis in Bath, England. Photo by Jamie S. Walters. Creative Commons – share with attribution and link.

It sounds like a lot of us are feeling the current psychic-energetic influences, either directly or via those around us.

The steamy fiery trine is in cahoots with the very lunar, watery, highly sensitizing, boundary- (and structure-) dissolving Pisces-Neptune frequencies, too, where the pre-fab, ‘should do’ agenda goes right out the window and what’s truly essential bubbles to the surface.

Fire and water, and we’ve got state-transforming steam alchemy to work with.

What’s good medicine for such psychic-energetic rollercoaster ‘transformation times’?

The age-old energy and wisdom practices, of course, but otherwise some very simple things; it might surprise you. Then again, even many of those simple things are part of the age-old wisdom teachings.

Read on, and see for yourself…

When the energies are wild, and once I’ve done my usual energy ‘tracking’ and clearing approaches to clear out the funk, if the funk (or fiery anger) is still there … well, I  figure that maybe it’s just one of those days when it’s wisest to flow with and open to the mysteries of the energy that’s present.

Aside from my usual repertoire of energy management ‘tools’, one thing that helps me to ground and center is to do simple, grounding things. Chop wood, carry water.

One of the first things is to unplug and de-tech, de-tron for a bit — step away from the laptop, with the crazy-constant temptation to check email every two seconds; and step away from the mobile phone, the cordless, the land-line, and various other tron-EMF-emitting tech wonders for that matter.

While we’re so immersed in technology and it has its benefits, it’s incredibly scattering and dispersing from a mental and energetic level. More and more research speaks to these too-much-tech side-effects.*

A photo I snapped during a
recent local riverside walk

Once unplugged, I might do something as basic as washing the dishes or tidying something, or take a walk — one of my favorite ‘habits’, with so many benefits.

I might sit with my old fashioned pen and journal to jot some ideas, meditate or do my daily mantra practice, tend to my cats, or walk to a locally owned cafe or coffeehouse to do the same … without my technology.

There are quite a few ways to ‘chop wood, carry water’ — what are some of your favorites?

If the swirling energies or big changes are messing with your sense of purpose, there are also ‘simple things’ to help lend a pretty quick sense of purpose in the interim.

In addition to some of the practices I shared above, one of the things that gives an immediate sense of meaning is being kind — to everything and everyone: plants, animals, people.

Seriously? In a time and culture where a lack of empathy and thus a deficit of kindness (among other virtues) is epidemic (more on this soon), and a whole lot of people seem too stressed, preoccupied, or hurried to be kind, being kind is golden.

Indeed, just like truth-telling, kindness can itself be a revolutionary act.

Being kind to the cashier, the barrista, the dry cleaner, the deli guy, the parking attendant, the waiter … whomever we meet along the trajectory of our day. Or watering the plant that’s gasping for water.

It’s easy. It has a positive ripple effect. And it feels good. Insta-purpose, insta-meaning. It’s good medicine.

Local Farmer’s Markets
Image from U.S. Green Chamber

Another bit of everyday magic? You can ‘shop local’ — that’s local, Indie-owned places — if that’s among your errands. Doing this supports your local economy (and your fellow local citizens) and supports the overall quality of life.

Even if your budget’s tight at the moment, you can stop by, say hello, and express appreciation that they’re there helping to make the area ‘home’.

There are real benefits and contributions you experience by ‘going local’, too, in addition to adding a sense of purpose in a jiff. [And yes, your local farmer’s market and Indie-owned local coffee house or cafe count as ‘going local’!]

Explore, experiment, have fun with the simple, everyday magicks.

Truly, when the energies are swirling, things feel chaotic, and your head feels mud-filled, simple things help.

How about you? How are you feeling it, and what are you finding helpful to you?

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For more on some of the invitations and opportunities offered up by the current energies and this particular time, visit the recent Black Moon, Black Madonna post to stir your inspiration.

Wishing you very well in the meanwhile.

Big Love,


* The neurological/bio effects of over-tech have been the topic of various magazine features and books (like Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows, amongst others).

There is also an energetic-psychic component of ‘dispersal’ of energy and focus (you can contact me for more on that, and I’ll be doing an upcoming Resources for Empaths & Sensitives Series post on that soon).