Illustration from the Garden of Kama, 1914, by John Byam Liston Shaw. Public domain image courtesy of WikiMedia.
Illustration from the Garden of Kama, 1914, by John Byam Liston Shaw. Public domain image courtesy of WikiMedia.

I smiled when I saw that the insightful women of Mooncircles had, at some point in the past, referred to this full moon as ‘Jinn full moon’.

‘Jinn full moon’ is particularly fitting given the wild, chaotic surges of elements — mental Air, emotional Water, willful Fire, and not a whole lot of grounding Earth — swirling in the ethers, and in our bodies and minds, right now.

The Jinnfulness (!) is an apt reference, with Mercury stationing out of Retrograde; Sun, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars activating the Mutable archetypal energies of our being, and thus likely opening us to mental chatter and electrical currents beyond the usual degree. Plus other stuff.

Envision a ballroom full of mental-Tricksters, some giddily laughing, others hotly fuming, and others still might be sobbing or sulking, along with a few who just plain want to stir up trouble.

Then fill the ballroom with water, like a big aquarium, and run an electric current through it; throw some oil on top and toss in a match, and you’ll have a sense of this particular archetypal-energetic cocktail.

There’s muck and there’s magic; hostile friction or creative friction. Which will we lean into, if we can keep from rising to the provocations?

There are some fine musings available about this Sagittarius full moon and its myriad  tense and creative aspects with the other planetary (and thus archetypal-energy) power-forces that make up our solar system and the energy field we all live and breathe in.

Scheherazade and Sultan-Scharia, 1880, by Ferdinand Keller. Public domain image courtesy WikiMedia.
Scheherazade and Sultan-Scharia, 1880, by Ferdinand Keller. Public domain image courtesy WikiMedia.

But the gist and the Jinn of it is this cocktail of the moment:

Electrical ampage from airy Gemini (Sun and soon Venus) for a boost in mental chatter activation .

Add a few fireballs (and perhaps hissy fit tantrums) from the fiery and shapeshifting dens of Aries (Uranus) and Sagittarius (Saturn Rx, Mars Rx, Full Moon).

Thank the Divine for a bit of Earth Magic, with Virgo (Jupiter), Taurus (Mercury), and Pluto (Capricorn) in a lovely Earth Triangle.

Plus the sensitizing, boundary dissolving Pisces stuff (Neptune and Chiron).

In this psychic-and-energetic atmosphere — shared pool, if you will — we might also feel a bit over-amped, wired, agitated, and more easily triggered or pushed to the edge physically, mentally, and psychically.

You know that feeling of either being two seconds from falling down into a quivering heap or bursting out of your skin (or breathing fire)?

Or maybe both at the same time, just to make it super interesting? Cuz we all know how much fun that is.

Hence the ‘tonic’ to go with the Jinn.

It’s a really, really, really good idea to opt for slow and soothing when a party of dynamic energies and archetypes is afoot.

Leila, by Frank Dicksee, 1853-1928 (Image courtesy WikiCommons)
Leila, by Frank Dicksee, 1853-1928 (Image courtesy WikiCommons)

Borrow wisdom from the Earth influences: Taurean Venus, or the deep-rooted Wisdom available from Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter expanding the Virgoan Hestia magic available to us.

Adopt inspiration from the Slow Movement (for everything), soothe the nervous system, breathe deeply, tend the heart & heart mindfully, Earth (as in ground, and attune in Nature) — to help balance the over-activation and the stress and fatigue that all of that multi-element juice can stir up … that ‘last dangling nerve’ sensation.

Taking a few deep breaths and counting backwards from 10 (or 100, if you’re really pissed off) might also be wise when the provocations trigger us.

Here are a few ‘tonic’ suggestions from the Sophia’s Children Empaths & Sensitives Series ‘Soothing Reclamations & Energy Hygiene’ section:

When Feeling Off-Center and Pulled in All Directions, Center is Up

Calming Remedies for Intense Energies

Empaths, Energy Hazards, and Energy-Restoring Practices

And because not everyone will be breathing deeply or ‘finding center’, you might find those around you (or you yourself) going the melt-down or tantrum-yoga mode. So in that spirit, these might be helpful, too:

Be(A)ware the Energy Vamp: Tantrums, Outbursts, Hissy Fits, and Offloads

Tracking and Clearing Energy Slime

As Tim Roth’s ‘Pumpkin’ character said in Pulp Fiction, “Be cool, honey bunny.”

This too shall pass, and in its wake, clearer visions, insights, and resolutions are possible. So ground, center, breathe, inhale that lavender, and tune in.

That’s what I’ll be doing, too!

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** For a look-see into what the Jinn are, see this perspective from the Sufi tradition.