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[I wrote and published the original post way back on August 28, 2012, and have updated it several times a year since, including late-September 2015 … because yes, it’s a timeless “new normal” topic in our wild-energy times!]

The energies have really been swirling and whirling again, and there is more ‘energetic unsettlement’ underway.

Have you been feeling it?

If you’re an empath or ‘energy sensitive’ — a minority percentage of any population who is naturally ‘wired’ to pick up on subtle energies — the answer is probably a definitive ‘Yes!’ I know that’s been the case for me.

Between living in transformation times, solar flare geomagnetic ripples, eclipses, super moons, astro-energetics like the now-waning (but still very much present) Uranus-Pluto Square … and let’s not forget the Perpetual Stirrers of Fear, Nastiness, and Catastrophobia … it’s no wonder we might be feeling off-center more often.

Not surprisingly, when the energies are intense or you’re going through some big shifts and/or living a bit too “up close and personal” with an energy vamp, the Magic Backpack* or repertoire of practices or ‘tools’, including a bit of outside help when it’s super-intense, is the wisest and most effective action.

Boreas, by John William Waterhouse (1903), Image courtesy of WikiCommons.
Boreas, by John William Waterhouse (1903), Image courtesy of WikiCommons.

I’d experienced it, too, when (for example) a colossal wave of fatigue washed over me during one macro-energetic ‘Zap Zone’ or ‘Wild Energy’ timeframe.

In that particular Zap Zone, I could hardly keep my eyes open during the day even though I was sleeping much more heavily than usual.

At other times, depending on the ‘energetic and psychic cocktail’ in play, I might feel more restless, edgy, scattered, or at other times fatigued and in ‘a.s.a.p.’ need of rejuvenation. Or both, in tandem.

During more challenging or intense waves, I may go through my whole energy-tracking and hygiene toolkit or magic backpack* to track particular energy signatures if guided, and to center and restore my equilibrium.

With practice and observation or tracking, we eventually get a sense of the waves, the cycles, what our own normal is, and how to best navigate the energies from a place of awareness and strength, whatever the current ‘energy cocktail’ might be.

I’ve heard again recently from quite a few people that the current energetic environment has been particularly intense again — not surprising at all — and they’re feeling a variety of the ‘symptoms’ and having a lot of false-conditioning stirred up and triggered so that it can be addressed more skillfully this time around.

Energy Sensitives and Zap-Zone Symptoms

Shiviti Amulet. On vellum. Ca. 18th C. Unknown origin.
Used to clear or ward off ‘evil eye’ or psychic-attack energy.

While a lot of people are and will continue to feel these big shifts, those of us who are energy sensitive or empathic may find that we feel more tired, foggy, anxious, depressed or restless; and/or notice our own ‘mind chatter’ reflecting the agitation or sadness of someone around us or just from the collective.

And if you’re living or working regularly with someone who is prone to ‘off-loading’ unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings — an energy vampire, so to speak, who consciously or unconsciously provokes or manipulates to get energy — you may also experiencing what some call ‘psychic-attack’ symptoms (like some of the ones I mention above) on a regular basis.

Since the big-shift energies are really amped up, and will continue to be as we move through the cycle of Uranus-Pluto square, we will be wise to recommit to ‘energy hygiene’ and clearing practices, and be increasingly aware of what feels nourishing and what feels draining or toxic, choosing more of the former and less of the latter.

I’ve written before about some good, basic energy hygiene practices and clearing toxic energies — you’ll find the link just below.

The Light of the World (detail), by William Holman Hunt, c1900-1904. (Image courtesy of WikiCommons)
The Light of the World (detail), by William Holman Hunt, c1900-1904. (Image courtesy of WikiCommons)

In addition to the current Zap Zone macro-energies underway, if you’re in the Generation X soul-group born between latter 1962 and latter 1968, you’ve got that Uranus-Pluto conjunction blueprint that is being ‘activated into service’ now as Uranus and Pluto square off, along with the epic milestone of the Chiron Return either just completed (like my own), underway now, or coming up, so these practices will be helpful to you as well.

You’ll find more on the Gen-X Phoenixing Time in this post.

How are you experiencing the energies and shifts, and what questions are arising for you now around your own energy and psychic wellbeing and purpose?

You’ll find a few of the energy and psychic management and Empath-Sensitive musings and practices in this Sophia’s Children post series:

Resources for Empaths and Sensitives.

That series also includes the “toxic normal” patterns relevant to Empathic Sensitives, such as dealing with the common tactics used by Energy Vampires, Narci-paths, and other dysfunctional or difficult personality types.

So check it out here.

You can also schedule a personal tele-session or series for more personalized guidance, mentoring, and assistance — just send along an email and we’ll explore the options that work best for you.

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* Thanks to one of my myth-and-symbolism mentors, Caroline Casey, for this much-more-fun term for ‘tool kit’ … the Magic Backpack.