Hello, fellow Earth-Walkers.

Yes, lots getting stirred up, for better and worse, which is kind of normal, really. We can navigate this, though, if we stay both alert and relaxed. No problem, right?

Over the coming week, we’ll also have some sea-shifts in the collective energetic (a.k.a. The Music of the Spheres, or vibe rippling through the shared M-field).

Aforementioned shifts include New Moon and Solar Samhain/All Soul’s (same day), as well as a couple of astro-sign-shifts, which might be felt in the same way as a change in the music you’ve been listening to … the sorts of music-shifts that you can sense and feel.

(Astro-shifts include a change in the Lunar Nodes from the Leo-Aqua axis to the Cancerian-Capricorn axis — Fire-Air to Water-Earth, or Yang to Yin; a couple of other sign shifts with Jupiter and Uranus; and Venus wrapping up her retrograde period and turning her sights on Scorpio again, having rejuvenated her alignment with The Beauty Way of Relating mission. Check out how this affects you, personally, with a Sophiastrology consultation.)

In the U.S., we’ve got a big ‘Mid-Term Election’ happening today, Tuesday, November 6th, and that’s been stirring all kinds of stuff up!

What’s swirling in your area of Earth just now?

Whenever there are a variety of sea-shifts in the collective pool, humans have a variety of different responses or reactions.

For a lot of people, change is scary, and change that you kind of sense but aren’t yet cognitively aware of … haven’t yet really articulated … is even scarier, which has a way of activating the Lizard Brain’s survival-threat mechanism and stirring up the fear.

Fellow blogger, Jeff at Stuff Jeff Reads, has a current post to share a perspective on the whole Fear Thing.

Have a look at Jeff’s post here.

If you’re feeling the need for a customized-for-you approach to help you to see your way, Soul Force, and gifts, more clearly …

Explore mentor-coaching and/or Sophiastrology consultation guidance.

Big Love in the Meanwhile,


Lady Liberty Vote, Riverside Church, NYC.

** One Creative Action is to vote. Election Day in the U.S. is coming up – Tuesday, November 6th. Make your vote — and voice — count.

Feature Image Credit: Wooden Boat in a Stormy Sea. PD Pictures.


Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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