It’s Thanksgiving week here in the United States, though the underlying notion of giving thanks, or gracefully receiving, and having some appreciation and gratitude (magic!), can be summoned up at any time, in any place.

Of course, I’m thinking about the soon-to-be-feasted-upon turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, Brussels sprouts, various Vegan options for my beloved, and other dishes traditional to the Northeastern U.S. Thanksgiving festival table; and even moreso, the camaraderie of cooking and noshing together.

Night of the Living Dead, and a typical “Black Friday” rampage.

At the same time — particularly given the seemingly perpetual turbulence between humans and the shapeshifting Energies of Now — I’ll be attuning to the vibe of the greater Spirit of the Season, which helps me to tolerate the sometimes appalling “rabid consumerism” and related behavior (e.g. “Black Friday,” during which people trample other people down so they can snatch whatever ‘thing’ has fueled their mania.

Add in a Full Moon on the Gemini-Saj axis (a Jinn Full Moon, at that), with some Agida-stirring energies woven in (like Full Moon opposite magnify-it Jupiter and squaring hot-head Mars), and …

Need I say more?).

So yes, not a bad time to buff up our recollection of keeping cool in the midst of Tantrum Yogis and Hissy Fitters, or the Psychic Vomiters, who don’t really need a reason to go ballistic and ruin a perfectly nice moment, meal, or day, even when there’s not a Full Moon plus some Zap Zone buzz.

Fear not, though. There are some finer things and energies stirring, too, and perhaps one or two that are more flowing, rooting, and/or centering.

We can be centered, breathe deeply, choose our centering intentions and respond from there (and maybe react a bit less, too) and go with the flow a bit more easily.

Here are a few In the Spirit of the Season attitude-and-vibe adjusters:

Cornucopia, by Rachel Ruysch (3 June 1664 – 12 August 1750). Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

1. The example that inspired the Thanksgiving mythos — the immense generosity shown by the Wampanoag Indians to the struggling, starving Puritan newcomers (and the unfortunate lack of generosity shown by many (though not all) of the colonial leaders and settlers towards the local the Indigenous peoples after that).

We can learn from both when it comes to which part of our inherent nature we might choose to express now — we can either be serious jerks and ripple out poison, like there’s not already an over-supply of that, or let the Better Angels of Our Nature rock their own serious mojo.

2. The yummy, delicious, frequency elevating and energy restoring values or virtues of generosity, graciousness, hospitality, welcome (and one hopes it’s a warm one), and abundance (in its varied forms).

I know. I’m a virtue geek, what can I say (though I do like to explore the Seven Deadlies — some old-school energy Wisdom behind that tradition).

At the end of the day (and along the way through it), I prefer the effects and consequences of the Virtue qualities better than their shadow-expressions.

How about you … which feels better to you?

We can be Ambassadors (and Role Models) of these qualities if we choose to accept that inspired mission and sow those seeds. That’s a facet of The Return part of The Hero/ine’s Journey.

Nice (it makes a positive ripple effect, and it feels good, too).

Continue reading here (and find related inspiration-links and intel).

Wishing you all, wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, a very happy Thanks.Giving holiday.

If it’s a rough time for you (family dynamics, heart-challenging losses), the Energy Hygiene & Empaths series might offer some tips on the former, or this Grief musing might offer an initial kernal of comfort (as might reminders like this one).

Thank you for reading and sowing good-juju seeds via the blog-o-sphere.

Big Love, Be Well, and Keep Cool When the Hot Heads Flame!


Featured Image Credit (top): Autumn Lake, PD Pics.

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