The Energies of Now feature a whole lot of potent energy currents, stirring the proverbial pot, disturbing the complacency of “normal,” catalyzing energy (and temperature) shifts, extending yet another invitation to us, and all … with what particular theme or Big Question, exactly?

One major current theme wants us to connect with much deeper, truer, more substantial values — the core values that we often share, when we get to the heart of it, even if our surface opinions and preferences seem oceans apart from one another.

Another primary theme just now is one that isn’t new at all … we’re just still working on actually getting it, because there is still a whole lot of backlash and inclination to, collectively, sink back into the more ignorant, comfortable-even-if-it’s-toxic “norm.”

What’s That Theme?

A Venusian theme … the Feminine, being re-emerged, roots re-woven, timeless wisdom re-interpreted for now, for these times.

One year from the November 2017 bubbling over of what became capsulated into one hashtag — itself a resurfacing version of a previous movement: #MeToo.

One year later, very recently, we saw this anniversary dovetail with Mr. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hearings — a bit of a clusterfuq no matter what angle you were looking from — in which undignified behavior that is protected by a long-standing cultural toxic-normal burst into the public awareness. Again.

At the same time, the (unfortunately) expected backlash to #MeToo, as a recent survey (supposedly) showed that an increasing number of people were shifting blame away from the bullies and power-abusers to those who dared to stir up the toxic-normal cauldron and openly share stories and/or challenge people whose worldly power kept them in a protected position and actually often supported them in acting in ways that most of us, honestly, find repugnant and disgusting.

While due process and fairness are absolutely vital, there’s really no excuse for that kind of vulgar, boundary-breaching behavior, and because it’s a toxic-normal ‘way it is’ — protected by bullying and victim-shaming — doesn’t make it right nor tolerable to people of good heart and conscience.

Stream Through the Cavern. PXHere.

Fear and old habit combine to keep the toxic-normal as “the way it is,” but the times have been, and are, very ripe for the “way it is” and its toxic-normal to be challenged, revealed, and, possibly, healed and transformed.

In astro-speak for the Energies of Now, the recent full Moon in early Taurus, seriously energized by its close meet-up with Uranus (were your ears ringing and body buzzing?), opposite the Astro-Wheel from Venus, now retrograde in early Scorpio.

The Main Themes

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, Spirit in Matter, the garden of Earthly Delights (a.k.a. Eden), and having some actual respect for the Earth-Garden which feeds and homes, inspires and ultimately receives us.

Imagine that.

Scorpio, across the wheel, is all about transformation, energy being changeable, and the deep-sea depths of emotion and ripened emotional intelligence, the fierce edges of life … the mysteries of what, exactly, makes us feel truly alive, and how we might explore those fierce edges and feel alive in ways that aren’t toxic and harmful.

Imagine that.

Reconnecting with the deepest and truest of heartful values — what really matters — can be transformative.

And right about now, with all of the ridiculous infantile infighting, schoolyard-bully spats, and dehumanizing ‘reality t.v. seeps its poison into everyday life’ crap?

That kind of transformative re-worthing, re-valuing, ripenening emotional and social intelligence can be an act of radical kindness and healing.

And courage, because stepping out of “toxic normal” does take that.

Lighthouse with lights blazing. ONTARS lighthouse directory website.

Part of it is adjusting our perceptual lens … the kingdom of heaven is all around us, if we have the eyes to see it.

That’s one of those timeless wisdom insights — what we gaze over-long at (focus on much of the time) is pretty much what becomes ‘reality’ for us.

Yes, a lot of horrible stuff is happening and has happened. Yes, a lot of wonderful, loving, healing effort is happening, and has happened.

And in between, our lives flow. Which of those rivers will we feed more often than not?

That’s one of the choices, one of the current invitations, woven into the Energies of Now.

Devoting to have a fresh look, gathering back to heart and center, breathing deep into that wellspring of deep, true values, and expressing and acting, refreshed, from there.

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Enjoy the inspiration!

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