Yes, I do mean what you think I mean by “sanctimonious a**es.”

It made sense to get right to it, rather than hedge with more gentle, round-about language, since I noticed a theme arising.

‘Tis the season, in line with the Energies of Now (more on that below).

Each of us has probably had at least one experience with a chronically sanctimonious kind of person, yes? If not, I suspect you’re a solitary, perched in a remote cave somewhere.

Thomas Rowlandson, 1801, ‘An Epcure’ Georgian Caricature Grotesque.

We’re talking, generally, about the personality type that  specializes in puffed-up displays of condescending self-righteousness and exhibits of their own rightness, which usually come, unfortunately, at the expense of someone else.

The fellow (or woman) that makes a regular habit of publicly correcting everyone else’s Facebook posts or comments (for you good folks who regularly visit Facebook); or in being the reliable pontificator or mansplainer at a meeting, demonstrating his/her rightness every time anyone else shares a contribution or idea.

How about the online media article or blog post visitor who, after reading a thoughtful article or post, leaves a snarky comment about a spelling or punctuation error (must be Virgo-in-shadow!); or leaves a small sermon on the “correct (version of the) truth” which is, of course, opposite the article author’s perspective (or religion, or belief system).

And then there are the narcipathic Trolls, about whom pages and pages (paper and digital) have been written.

It reminds me of this amusing-yet-true e-card from Some-ecards.

This is one theme that arose in the last week. It’s always both strange, in a slightly creepy way, and somewhat magical when that happens and I catch the patterns.

In this recent flurry, the theme arose in email inquiries from two readers, a friend locally, observing a few online interactions, and then, finally, in an interpersonal dynamic I witnessed personally.

All, in some way, featured people sincerely struggling to more skillfully deal with these Diminishing Mirrors: those people who chronically exhibit the above-mentioned sanctimonious, bullying, diminishing behavior, to ill effect in the conversation, workplace, community group, or even home.

It’s the sort of behavior that, if unchecked and allowed to flourish, results in lowered enthusiasm, lessened interest and commitment, and, ultimately, people leaving for worthier horizons and interactions.

As one fellow said to me after talking about a repeated encounter in his community, “F*ck this! I’m volunteering, for God’s sake. I don’t have to put up with this b*llsh*t!”

Eh-hem. I must agree, unless the reason we’re volunteering or working or sticking with something is worthy, and thus makes it worthwhile to try to deal with the enthusiasm despoilers.

(Spoiler Alert: Its opposite has just the opposite effect!)

What’s with this theme arising now?

When I listened to two examples, I thought, “Must be some Mars-cocktail thing going on; note to self: check astro for today.”

Then, having heard about and witnessed a couple of additional examples, I thought,

“Hmmmm, on some level I sense shadow-Mars, maybe a smidge of Pluto power-abuse here, and yes, Uranus has dipped back into Aries-Mars Fire, but …. the sanctimonious, self-righteousness thing sounds like ….”

The lights went on, the angelic choir sings.

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Jupiter in Sagittarius, in shadow, which unfortunately isn’t as rare as we’d like it to be.

In the more shadow-personality behaviors like the ones I’ve mentioned, Jupiter expands (puffed-uppery, in one form).

Sagittarius, for its part, loves Truth, preferably its own version, which it thinks is the absolute gospel, right and righteous truth, and the rest of us are just imbeciles – wrong imbeciles – who need to be set straight.

The Puritans
[Image source unknown]
Fundamentalism of some sort, just writ smaller (but no less annoying) on the micro-interpersonal scale.

One of the other possibilities of Jupiter’s transit of Saj over the coming year or so is genuinely just truth-seeking, or inspired, visionary,  just (as in justice) truth.

The worthy quest for the Holy Grail, for the Truth that runs above and beneath and through all, uniting rather than dividing.

Jupiter will enlarge and expand whatever raw material it has to work with, but Jupe would prefer that it be beneficent, just, aligned with a worthy vision and a just storying (or re-storying).

We can still expect the periodic display of puffed-up sanctimony and public rightness, though. Or at least, if we’re lucky, it’ll be periodic and not more frequent!

What can or do we learn from our sanctimonious, Diminishing Mirror fellow humans?

The Mirror, 1896. An exquisitely beautiful painting by Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee. [Image Courtesy of WikiMedia]
If not that, then what?

How do we prefer to be, and what impact or effect would we prefer to have?

Rather than a Diminishing Mirror or Nattering Nabob of Negativity & Puny Criticism, a Believing Mirror, and, perhaps, inspiration to become an artist of constructive and encouraging suggestions?

An opportunity for a bit of reciprocal blessing, maybe?

At least that’s usually the kind of inner or outer dialogue I have when I want to reorient myself, once my initial wave of irritation and annoyance at those particular behaviors has burned off the dross and freed the awareness that I can choose how I respond from that point onward.

How about you?

When you’ve experienced or witnessed such behaviors, how does it shape how you show up (or how you decide you’d rather show up)?

It seems an opportunity to witness a less-than-ideal interaction or interpersonal style that diminishes others, and turn that on its head into ‘medicine’ that encourages, inspires, and builds others up.

And that’s very much the high-side possibility of Jupiter in Saj!

Big Love (and Waves of Cool-Calm),


Featured Image Credit: From “Five Types of People You Need to Get Out of Your Life,” Psychology Today.

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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