Wanda Nanibush, Anishinaabe-kwe Curator and Word & Image Warrior. Image @ Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto Star.

“I don’t criticize …That’s not my approach. I look for avenues of transformation, and I feed them. I’m always looking to generate something, as opposed to just taking something apart.”

“The way I think of it is, every time we forget something from the past, that’s an alternative future that’s lost,” she explains. “If you pick it back up, you’re actually opening another future. The more that we do that, the more it allows some people to have their future.”

~ Wanda Nanibush, as quoted in this interview.

Brigid’s Fire at Kildare Abbey – Keepers of the Flame.

I share this on what is designated as Memorial Day here in the U.S.

Memorial … something that serves as a reminder. Remembering.

So Ms. Nanibush’s comment is wonderfully timely.

And timeless, for that matter, since remembering what’s really important — as well as remembering those who have left this life before us — is beneficial for gathering worthy things that have been too long forgotten or ill-tended.

Remember and honor, remember … and reweave an ‘alternative future’?

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The Eastern Lily, by Edwin Long (1829-1891). The lily has long been one symbol associated with Magdalene, and the Divine Feminine in many times and traditions. Check out the Feminine Mysteries section for more on that.

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