Eduardo Galeano, Universidad de Deusto, May 2012. Photo courtesy of Donostia Kultura via Wikimedia.

“In dark times, let’s be skillful enough to learn how to fly in the darkness like bats.
Let’s be healthy enough to vomit the lies we’re obliged to swallow each day.
Let’s be brave enough to have the courage to be alone and brave enough to choose the risk of being together because teeth have no use out of the mouth and fingers make no sense without hands.
Let’s be experienced enough to know that we may be compatriots and contemporaries of all who have a will of beauty and a will of justice no matter where they were born or when they led because we don’t believe in the borders of maps or time.
Let’s be stubborn enough to go on believing, against all evidence, that the human condition is worth the trouble because…we are still unfinished.
Let’s be crazy enough to be called “crazy” like the Argentinean madres in Plaza de Mayo—the “locas,” the nuts—who refused to forget in times of obligatory amnesia.
And let’s be clever enough to be disobedient when we receive orders in contradiction with our conscience—or against common sense.”
~  Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan author and voice of conscience, in a public dialogue with Arundhati Roy, May 2006, New York City.

There’s an Energy Weather update brewing, and a bazillion other ideas and Golden Threads dancing to be rewoven for the coming weeks and months.

Right now, though, I’m in incubation and clue-tracking mode with what’s emerging anew from all of those clues and Golden Threads. Stay tuned.

(For one of the clues on the current Energy Weather, see this post: Iris of the Rainbows – The “Speaking Well” Shamanic Diplomat)

For now, I’ll share this creative, provocative, and inspiring wisdom from Eduardo Galeano.

I really appreciate Mr. Galeano’s metaphors and examples, and there were many more than what I excerpted here.

Art by Vaqume. Find the Image Credit link at the end of the post to see Vaqume’s work.

He emphasizes crazy wisdom, and invokes conscience in times when it’s easy to slide down the slippery slope of justification of that which really can’t be justified … because it’s not just (nor aligned with conscience or integrity).

I’ve recently shared a bit of wisdom from Arundhati RoyEncouraging What We Love — that I cited in a local talk I gave earlier this Spring.

Ms. Roy and Mr. Galeano in conversation would be an inspired and provocative conversation, to be sure (follow the link above to listen in).

With all of the flat-out (bat-sh*t) ‘crazy’ unfurling — woo hoo! — some crazy wisdom (and provocative inspiration) may be just the right ‘medicine’ to stir alive what’s truest and deepest in us.

Big Love and Be Well!


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