There’s a fun blog invitation afoot from Odie and OM and Sindy to ‘go retro’ and choose a post from the archives to re-feature.

So here’s a Sophia’s Children retro post that’s very timely right now, when we have the Gemini archetypal energetic very, very activated for awhile.

Though this focuses on Iris the Rainbow Goddess during Gemini Times, it’s more the association with Mercury-Hermes as the ‘ruler’ or primary archetype for both Gemini and Virgo.

So Iris the Rainbow Goddess can be seen as the Feminine Complement to Mercury-Hermes.

Here’s more about Iris the Rainbow Goddess … you’ll see another below: “Venus and Iris the Rainbow Goddesses: ‘Shamanic’ Diplomats.”

Big Love,

If you haven’t met Iris the Rainbow Goddess, allow me to introduce you — you’re in for a lovely treat.

And if you’d like to get to know her further, you now have a window of opportunity that makes it easier than usual, because the Gemini archetypal energy is more activated than usual right now. It’s got a buzz to it, so you’re feeling it whether you realize it or not.

Morpheus and Iris, by Pierre-Narcisse Guerin (1811). Public domain image gratis WikiMedia.

Allow me the honor of introducing you to Iris, the Rainbow Goddess of Hope and High-Vibin’ Word and the graceful navigator of different realms and dimensions.

Iris has a unique place in Greek mythology.

She is said to be the Great Goddess Hera’s most trusted messenger, and the Great God Zeus sees Iris in the same way.

Even more unique, Iris is able to easily travel between the realms of Heaven and Earth, air and sea, and even to the Underworld and back, bringing vital information and messages between the gods, and between the gods and humans.

So she’s a ‘Shamanic’ Goddess, to use an ancient word in its contemporary meaning, and Iris is the spirit ally for wordsmiths, communicators, and Magi/Magia who deal in Word Magic, whether for good or ill.

Since we all use words — and the power of the Word — that applies to each of us, too.

Iris’s name is said to derive from the Greek word Eiro, meaning ‘messenger’ and also ‘to join’ — as in a communication bridge that connects.

As I reflect on that, I couldn’t help but think of Eris, a goddess associated with disruption, amongst other things. Perhaps she signifies the ‘other side’ of Iris? More on that below.

Iris is usually seen with a winged staff or caduceus, and a ceramic pitcher from which she pours out Divine guidance.

She has an angel’s wings, and sometimes winged heels as well, allowing her quick, light flight as she travels between the realms.

And she’s associated with the rainbow, wearing a rainbow-colored robe and leaving behind a rainbow calling-card: Iris was here (or Iris is here). Sometimes she’s thought to actually be the rainbow itself.

Iris the Rainbow Goddess by John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893). Public domain image courtesy of WikiMedia.

So what does this tell us about Iris?

She is a most trusted messenger and herald, respected in all of the realms — a masterful, trusted, Divinely gifted communicator.

She is adorned with the winged staff or caduceus, so her communications are healing and high-vibration, perhaps even illuminating and enlightening.

She knows that words can be used as benediction — to speak well — to bless and to heal and to invite and invoke the better parts of our nature.

She wears the rainbow robe and embodies or leaves her rainbow symbol as her calling card, symbolizing ‘the rainbow after the storm’ and also the hope and promise of the same.

Her rainbow robe also symbolizes the ‘rainbow body’ or ‘light body’ — our own energy field when it’s in its natural Divine vibration.

Midsummer Eve, 1908, Edward Robert Hughes. Public domain image courtesy of WikiMedia.
Midsummer Eve, 1908, Edward Robert Hughes. Public domain image courtesy of WikiMedia.

Even more, she is a spirit ally and messenger of (and to) the Divine Feminine, and the Sacred Masculine as well, generously endowed with the magic of the Word.

Perhaps Iris was one of the Muses for Dr. Masaru Emoto in his work showing the effect of high or low-vibration words (and sounds) on water crystals — and thus on us, too, since our bodies are made up of nearly three-quarters of the highly conductive water element.

When the Gemini archetypal energetic is activated, Iris the Rainbow Goddess can be a spirit ally in our conversations with the Divine, and she can help us to increase the radiance of our own and others’ rainbow-light-bodies through the use of beautiful words and communications.

This relates to our inner-chatter — the Word-habits we’ve internalized — as well as communications with others, and with the Divine.

Of course, her very example hints at the shadow potential of  Gemini– a misuse of our power of the word by way of chronic negative or (if badly aspected) even malicious chatter and gossip, for instance, or what’s known as toxic prayer.

This is what made me think of Eris, sometimes called ‘the Goddess of Discord’.

Might Eris be not so much the ‘goddess of discord’ as she’s been made out to be, but a symbol or mythical heads-up to the effects and energies we see, feel, and experience when we misuse or negatively use the power of the Word?

(I’ve got Eris and another on this theme, ‘Lakshmi’s Evil Twin’, on my writing roster, so perhaps we’ll be seeing more of them soon here at Sophia’s Children!).

Cronos and Rhea Assisted by Iris, c. 65, from Pompei, Casa del Poeta tragico. Napoli, Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Luciano Pedicini, Napoli). Public domain image courtesy of WikiMedia.
Cronos and Rhea Assisted by Iris, c. 65, from Pompei, Casa del Poeta tragico. Napoli, Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Luciano Pedicini, Napoli). Public domain image courtesy of WikiMedia.

As for Iris the Rainbow Goddess — and the energies of Gemini — remind us that words and images have their unique vibrations, and can either be healing and illuminating or poisonous and harmful.

That’s ultimately Mercury-Hermes — and Iris’s — magic or higher wisdom.

We can invoke help from the Iris part of ourselves, with gratitude and respect due to her as the most respected Divine messenger, we can elevate our communication, gain some additional understanding and mastery of our Word-power, and maybe even become rainbow-bringers ourselves.

As always, if you have a more prominent Gemini expression in your astro-story blueprint — like my own Gemini moon nearly conjunct my Venus-rising ascendent — this is an even more important archetype, teacher, and purpose-illuminator for you.

And anyone who desires, or needs, guidance in more skillful, gracious communication might follow the clues from this Muse.

Where is Iris working in your life and your sense of innate gift or purpose?

You can see where Iris the asteroid (7 Iris) is placed in your chart, too, for additional insight on where her gifts (or shadow) might show up for you.

And if you’d like to bring Iris the Rainbow Goddess alive within yourself and elevate your communication and ‘power of your Word’ — send me an email (info ‘at’ sophias-children ‘dot’ com) to see what’s best-aligned for you, or check out the current Reader & Client Appreciation special offers … just below.

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Featured Image Credit: Midsummer Night, Iris; by John Atkinson Grimshaw, 1836-1893

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