“The whole art for the new humanity will consist in the secret of listening to the heart consciously, alertly, attentively. And follow it, go wherever it takes you. Yes, sometimes it will take you into dangers — but remember, those dangers are needed to make you ripe. Sometimes it will take you astray — but remember again, those goings astray are part of growth. Many times you will fall — rise up again, because this is how one gathers strength, by falling and rising again. This is how one becomes integrated.” ~ Osho, Courage: the Joy of Living Dangerously

This has been a couple of days of unexpected chaos and the related challenges such stirrings require, and also of what Frederich Buechner called crazy, holy Grace.

On one hand, my hub merchant account was hacked and a stranger enjoyed a nice little spending spree, sending everything into (temporary) mess, since it rippled through all accounts. So very not helpful!

Hebe Giving a Drink to Jupiter, 1767, by Gavin Hamilton. Public domain image (date precedes copyright).
Hebe Giving a Drink to Jupiter, 1767, by Gavin Hamilton. Public domain image (date precedes copyright).

On the other hand, some exquisite grace in the way of time with a beautiful friend, wandering wild Nature, and receiving some encouragement and support from someone from whom I’d not have expected it, given the history.

And such are the wild waves we surf in these times, yes?

As is always the case, my own experience and ‘refresher courses’ find their way into my writing and my work. Life is ever wanting to ensure we don’t get complacent or overly cerebral, and stay grounded in experience!

The above-mentioned friend reminded me of Osho’s wisdom, which was timely and appreciated, so I dipped back into my Osho musings and wanted to share the above bit.

There are more wisdom bits, but it’s oh so true that when things get stirred up, centering in the powerful heart center and grounding ourselves, centering, helps us to stay creative, intuitive, and resourceful.

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Big Love and crazy, holy Grace,