Mabel Normand in the 1914 Chaplin film, Mable's Strange Predicament. Image is public domain and courtesy of Wikipedia.
Mabel Normand in the 1914 Chaplin film, Mable’s Strange Predicament. Image is public domain and courtesy of Wikipedia.

“If you can keep your head when all about you people are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”

~ Rudyard Kipling

You know how there are those times when people seem to be more on the edge than usual … more easily tripped into hissy fits, ‘tantrum yoga’ and ‘psychic vomiting’ bouts?

A bit more tetchy or pick-pick-pickin’ for an argument (so they can offload that uncomfortable energy they’ve built up)?

Here’s a follow-up Energies of Now update … with some intel and tips for more gracefully (or at least less klutzily) surfing the energy waves.

It’s a fine time to remember that there may be a few folks who’ll be prone to filling up with uncomfortable-to-hold energies ’til they just splooey all over the nearest projectile-(psychic)vomit screen.

We ourselves might easily fall into that zone if we haven’t tended our own wellbeing, and find ourselves over-tired, over-tronned, spread too thin (over-dispersed), wearing someone else’s psychic vomit that we’ve not hosed off, and thus a wee bitty on the edge. Hint hint.

Or … we can cultivate the rich and myriad variety of possibilities that are always brewing and arising around us, within us, even below and above us.

Life often offers up a rich medley of and/both, but if we’re not mindful, it’s easy to get supra-focused on the fungo and thus miss the supply of other riches that get out-shouted by the hissy-fitters.

First, a bit of wisdom on the whole Mercury Retrograde Thing:

“Mercury (Retrograde) does not mean communication snafus are inevitable. Rather, it tells you this is a propitious time to refine the ways you exchange information . . . and to concentrate harder on saying what you mean and meaning what you say . . . and to meditate on how to improve the ways you connect yourself to the people and resources you need and like.” ~ the Pronoia-inclined Rob Brezsny

I’m inclined to agree.

Tech weirdings? Ya, maybe. Other weirdings? So what else is new. Weird is the new normal. All kinds of weird. Weirdings do make things interesting (yes, that’s a sunny side up kind of moment there!).

And yes, there are times when macro-energies and World-Weirdings and the usual bad-news-fest combine into a more potent cocktail than usual, leaving many people at flash-point and, how shall we say, acting badly.

With Mercury Retrograding back over Capricorn ground to have a private meeting with Pluto there, joined in the Alchemy Soup by other planetary-pal ingredients, it’s a possibility that this would be one of those times.

Souls on the Banks of the Acheron, 1898, by Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl (1860-1933)
Souls on the Banks of the Acheron, 1898, by Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl (1860-1933)

I’ve already seen the signs — amazing how that happens.

In recent days, I’ve witnessed some ‘psychic vomiting’ erupting forth, and some super sensitive trigger-points.

And I have also had and noticed some truly lovely, quality interactions and inspirations — these are often the fruits of my intrepid walkabouts and public-transit forays.

You’ll remember from my recent Energies of Now article that Mercury is a ‘shamanic master and messenger’ archetype; Capricorn is the ‘sign of the Initiate’; and Pluto is Non-Negotiable Initiator and gem-excavator par excellence.

(If you missed that one, you’ll find it here. Handy intel in what’s ‘up’ now.).

Mercury the Shamanic Messenger wanders back to confirm with Pluto, and asks:

“Okay, what messages do you want me carry with me as I travel through the other archetypal-energy territories until I return here, once again, a year or so from now?”

Pluto and Mercury speak of messages for …

… recovering the Indigenous Soul,

… stirring the forgotten but emerging Sacred Feminine to alchemize certain toxicities that have gone awry,

… remembering the importance of quality, real worth and value, rather than the cheapening-through-over-quantity (Capricorn trines fellow-Earth sign, Taurus),

… diving for treasure, buried deep and paved over;

… remembering how those small actions and tendings can be sacred, and how small things and how Nature, Earth, the body, are Sacred Grounds, infused with the Holy Divine (Capricorn trines fellow-Earth sign, Virgo), and thus bring healing.

The Golden Thread (detail), 1885, by John Strudwick. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.
The Golden Thread (detail), 1885, by John Strudwick. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

And so on … about the Earth-trine magic and alchemy that’s possible through a lens of interconnection, remembering the sacred, recommitting to devotion, grounding Love (Perdita Gifts!) in action … bringing it to Earth.

For now, it’s not just Mercury Retrograde, Pluto, and Capricorn stirring up and agitating the ‘shared field’ environment.

Saturn and Neptune are there doing their “what’s real, what’s not real?” square-dance.

Uranus and Pluto continue on with their own “Let’s Transform This Thing!” laser-beams and soul-quakes.

And Mars … well, Mars (as I’ve said) is doing what Mars does — adding fuel to the fire, erupting, blasting first and thinking about it later (or not), and so on.

Mars does best with some (Venusian) conscious-channeling, so he doesn’t lay waste to everything during one of his tantrum-yoga blasts.

But we can follow that Golden Thread by following the clues and tending our center, and cultivating our energy, our resource-fullness.

Mercury and the Three Graces, 1576-77, by Jacopo Tintoretto. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Mercury and the Three Graces, 1576-77, by Jacopo Tintoretto. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Mercury is an archetypal energy related to thoughts and words, among other things.

And Pluto is, well, PLUTO … the Lord of the Underworld … where lots of stuff (for generations, not just this lifetime!) has gotten buried, paved over, stuffed down, powered-over, etc.

Gems and garbage alike, or gems that have just been covered over with the garbage of psychopathic-culture norms and ‘powers that be’.

Some folks go spelunking for treasure, and for others the buried muck gets dredged up, along with the emotional charges attached to it.

And if there aren’t more constructive, skillful ways of managing that energy — noticing it, alchemizing it or transmuting it more consciously — then it often gets splattered onto others, fairly or not.

Hissy fits. Tantrum Yoga. Trigger-button mania. Narcipath predations. That sort of thing.

But we can always choose to be more aware, to take a breath, to choose more consciously to respond rather than “react all over the place.”

The Energies of Now and recently, and in the foreseeable future; like through 2016 — facilitate a ripe time for stirring up the buried treasure and muck alike to recover, reclaim, and re-embody ‘lost wealth’, Wisdom and wise-ways, that got buried and are very much needed as ‘medicine for our times’.

So it’s a good time for keeping this in mind.

Awareness, presence, noticing … these really are our friends, though they take practice and more practice.

The more masterful we are, the more practice we know we need.

Invoke the (Crazy, Holy) Graces, tend your Center, and follow that Golden Thread of clues that leads us to the Honey Pot, which is much better than the, um, muck pot.

Golden Thread reminders:

• Others might be more inclined to provoke, pick a fight, have tantrum yoga hissy fits, or psychic-vomit on you. If you see the signs, or at least know it’s coming, it can help in the moment. Steer clear of the ‘biters’ when you can.

• Notice your own ‘build-up’ and if you’re feeling a bit more raw, uncomfortable with what’s dredging up (or wafting in from the shared field pollution), and feeling triggered more easily or more often.

Revisit with the ‘energy hygiene’ and Empath & Sensitives Series — if you’re not familiar with those and haven’t built up your ‘magic backpack’ for energy and mental hygiene, it’s a good time to do a bit of that.

And even long-time practitioners and even masters know that there’s always something new, so cultivating, practicing, revisiting, and renewing the acquired wisdom is, well, wise.

• The Narcipaths in our midst — epically skilled provocateurs, baiters, off loaders, levelers, and gas lighters —may be feeling more in the mood to hunt and mind-fuq with their favorite ‘prey’.

See the Empaths & Sensitives Series for refreshers or tips, and check out the new ‘Empaths & Chaos Surfers eMedicine-Bundle for on-the-fly reminders.

• If we’re empathic/sensitives, it’s also good to remember that — even if we are aware that the Offload & Psychic Vomit Games are underway, and have learned to spot the signs and patterns and choose how to engage (or not) more skillfully — there is also an energetic and psychic offload that comes along with the verbal psychic vomit, etc.

The Love Potion, 1903, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.
The Love Potion, 1903, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Recognizing what’s afoot is helpful.

Taking measures to tend to our energy hygiene both ahead of time, and if or after we’ve been ‘slimed’, is part of the mastery of being an empathic-sensitive in the world (which is related to our purpose, but also has ‘occupational hazards’ to be navigated as well).

Handy ‘intel’ and practice tools:

Wishing you good skill and good fun with the spelunking, treasure hunting, and gem-recovery … and with the graceful and skillful navigation of the ‘muckier stuff’ and psychic vomit that might come your way (or waft up as well as in!) in the meanwhile.

Big Love,