Demeter Mourning for Persephone, 1906, by Evelyn de Morgan.
Demeter Mourning for Persephone, 1906, by Evelyn de Morgan.

Oh yeah, it’s been a doozy of a few days. Or week. Or more.

Peep-reports from the field, which sync with my own experiences and/or observations of those around me, suggest a Zap-Zone with a very stirred up, mucky shared field.

So after several requests for an Energies of Now ‘energy weather’ post, here it is. Truly, my pleasure.

First, the symptoms.

Second, possible energy/psychic ‘cocktail’ elements or influences.

Third, some self-care suggestions that I and others have found helpful … and regularly practice, update, upgrade, and tweek.

The Symptoms and Experiences

Sensitives, or people wired just so, who have shared energy updates with me report experiencing the following in the last week:

• unusual physical symptoms,

• waves of sadness or melancholy … some of them coming and going quite suddenly,

• disrupted sleep, disturbed dreams,

• free-floating underlying angst (to go with that free-floating wafting melancholy),

• potent and sudden headaches,

• feelings of sensory overload and outright overwhelm,

• tech ‘weirdings’ like those often associated with Mercury Retrogrades,

• tron-and-rads overload and increased sensitivity to trons (electromagnetic field static and radiation from tech and other natural and not-natural sources);

• a marked increase in what they’ve described as ‘crazy’ or I describe as ‘w.t.f. moments’ (that means what the fffff…luffernutter for the uninitiated), like unusual cray-cray or w.t.f. breaches of what most of us would consider normal consideration, decorum, or healthy boundaries; and

• because of the various afore-mentioned, feelings of crankiness or heightened irritation (or outright fury, cuz some things do indeed warrant and stir the Kali Lava!).

Also, those with animals note that the acutely sensitive animal peeps are feeling the agida and amped up vibes, too.

Mercury, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan. The De Morgan Centre, London. Public domain.
Mercury, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan. The De Morgan Centre, London. Public domain.

So, to what might we attribute this surge?

Well, we could point to the astro-energetics of recent weeks, which have included several planetary energy shifts; Mars in the late degrees of moody, deep-sea-diving, very shamanic Scorpio; and a party in the Fire Sign Zones with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Remember, signs are simply names for archetypal consciousness ‘types’ and different qualities of energy.

Plus, the collective ‘thought and energy field’ is mightily stirred up. Just look at the so-called “news” to see the quality of what’s getting stirred. Pretty mucky, agitated.

It’s a lot … a lot of tension, creative friction, and just-plain super-tranked, swirling, acutely sensitizing, high-zap-factor energies.

Times when the zap-o-meter lever just went from 5 to 20, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Super, just. And fairly normal in high-intensity transformation cycles.

Time-lapse photography of a lightning storm in Norman, Oklahoma. Public domain image courtesy of
Time-lapse photography of a lightning storm in Norman, Oklahoma. Public domain image courtesy of

We all co-habitate in the shared energy field, so we’re all swimming, sinking, floating, treading water, flailing about in the same pool that just happens to have a live wire tossed into it and a floating bit of oil that’s on fire here and there.

Those who are more sensitive to subtle (and thus not so subtle) energies will most assuredly have felt and be feeling this heightened sensory, energetic, and psychic activity.

That’d be the empathic sensitives, who in any culture or tribe have been the ones keeping the finger to the wind and the spidey senses peeled to sense things earlier than the less sensitive sorts.

What sorts of weirdings, cray-cray, or w.t.f. moments?

Well, you might have a few of your own stories, I’m sure.

In the last week, I’ve been hit with two tsunami muck-waves, energetically speaking, of a potency I’ve not experienced in a very long time, that had me reaching out for my allies and wise guides on the path.

I also experienced some profound creative and insight bursts along with some truly lovely interactions that warmed my heart.

I’ve heard from others reports of weird tech glitches, like phantom phone calls and emails sent that don’t actually go anywhere and thus don’t arrive at their destination.

Plus several reports of very disrupted sleep and digestion issues, and a couple of people reporting outright nightmares or migraines this past week or so.

And more sensitive sorts feeling the ‘stormy sea’ nature of the shared energy and consciousness field … as if it’s roiling and reeling and churning up all manner of things from the murky, mired depths.

The Daydream, 1880, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
The Daydream, 1880, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Self-Care for the Zap Zone

Seriously, though, this all goes to the swirling, conflicting, potentially chaotic, super-sensitizing, and/or wildly ungrounding energies afoot.

It’s often intense during epic transformation times, but sometimes it’s more intense than others.

This recent week or so would be one of those (and that doesn’t include man-made and some outright sorcerous additions to the energetic and psychic swirlings).

Which means it’s a prime time for heightened awareness, discernment, responsibility, and self-care.

It’s not a great time for getting lax or doing things which only heighten the sensitivity or lack of grounding even more.

I included a couple of my favorites just below, but you’ll find these and more in the “Energy Hygiene” and “Resources for Empaths & Sensitives” posts in the Sophia’s Children archives, so check it out.

Here are a few that are in my immediate repertoire during zap-zone and other heightened-sensitivity times:

Bach flower essences (or FES);

Lavender essential oil, Basil essential oil, and White Angelica and Yarrow (all good for sensitives or those in overload or overwhelm). These can also be added into a spritz, along with Bach/flower essence selections;

Simplifying, radically (and pruning or rescheduling non-essential extroversion);

‘Food medicine’ — food that calms and grounds you (meat, if you eat it; root veggies, pasta, and substantial or what we would have called ‘hardy’ foods, preferably warm like sautees, chilis, or soups; this isn’t the time for raw or all-cold (Vata-stimulating) food or fasting, which ungrounds and sensitizes), or adding to the current fiery juju with an over-abundance of Pitta-aggravating foods … warming foods that add to the fire and heat.

Earthing … bare feet on the grass, or sitting or laying on the grass;

Reaching out for support … these are no times for the whole Lone Cowboy thing, which is more and more clearly a fiction. Support, encouragement, believing mirrors, guidance and centering support from wise, experienced allies.

Plus it really helps to slow down, simplify, breathe deeply, and gather yourself back to center.

You’ll find an article on that topic in the Energy Hygiene and Empaths & Sensitivies Series posts linked above, or start here:

When Pulled in All Directions, Center is Up.

Some of us also turn to our mentors and guides for spiritual direction and energy/intuitive sessions at these times, so if you’d like the added support and insight:

Explore and experience Transformative Coaching or a Transformative-Intuitive Astrology consultation with me.

Check for current specials on sessions and readings here.

In the meanwhile, go gently and wisely, feet on the ground and centered in the heart and core.

Big Love and Be Well,