Lux in Tenebris, 1895, Evelyn Pickering De Morgan.
Lux in Tenebris, 1895, Evelyn Pickering De Morgan.

It’s the perfect time for checking in with the deepest stirrings of heart-and-soul … a Season of Vision-Stirring, Vision-Seed Planting, and Vision-Tending.

I’ve got a Vision-Stirring feature-page on the Sophia’s Children work-table, but for right now, here’s some Vision-Season inspiration.

It’s prime visioning time.

Even the current astro-mythic and Seasonal energies support Vision-Tending:

We already know that the uber-transformative and “Are you being true-you?” Uranus is in Aries and Pluto in the “bring Wisdom to Earth” landscape of Capricorn, Neptune and Chiron travels through heartful, soulful, Divine-connected Pisces, and Saturn the master-magi-teacher is fresh into the sign of the Archer asking us this question:

Just what fiery arrows are we aiming, and at just what destinations … and in service to what (or whom)?

Venus has joined vision-expanding Jupiter and energizing Mars in fire-tending Virgo, before she moves onward, like Inanna or Persephone — on her Hero/ine’s Journey into the realms of the Deep Feminine to gain greater wisdom and mastery; to recover lost gifts and gems; and rise, initiated, to bring these gifts into the world as much-needed medicine.

It’s true that we can always invoke Venus as Oracle-Feminine and Vision Priestess to help us to animate our authentic vision-seeds and yearnings (as in really us, not someone else’s notions for us).

Spring Blossoms, by Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839-1924). Image courtesy of WikiCommons.
Spring Blossoms, by Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839-1924). Image courtesy of WikiCommons.

That said, there are times when the broader energies in the field give us a wee (or bigger) boost for vision-seed planting, cultivating and tending into what we call reality — as in bringing yearnings and dreams and vision-seedlings into lived experience.

Sometimes Grace takes a hand and ushers this process along whether we’re clued into it or clueless about it. That’s what Frederick Buechner called Crazy, Holy Grace — and don’t we all just love when wild Grace happens.

Divine knows that Crazy, Holy Grace has saved my wayward self and bacon on more than one occasion when I’ve made things worse rather than better by trying to engineer and ego-will (a.k.a. muscle) things into being.

A Bacchante Dancing at Harvest Time, 1880, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
A Bacchante Dancing at Harvest Time, 1880, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

But a lot of the time,  because we’re often also challenged by conflicting forces around us that seem to prefer to have us living smaller rather than living true, it’s helpful for us to step into a more conscious dance with the forces of Grace to more mindfully plant, cultivate, tend, and love these yearnings and vision-seeds into form.

And there’s no time like the present for that — ’tis the season, as the Holy They say.

As we journey ever nearer the Seasonal milestones — the cross-quarter, Solstice, and/or Equinox thresholds — we can work with Venus & Pals as Vision-Seed-Planters, Oracles, and Vision Priestesses (and Magi) to more mindfully, and in a more focused and energized way, plant and tend and love certain yearnings and vision-seeds into being.

What does your garden grow, and for what does your heart yearn?

Sunlight at Stonehenge Photo from Wikipedia
Sunlight at Stonehenge
Photo from Wikipedia

From now over the next few months and into the new year, Venus will be progressing from earthy Virgo through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and finally into Capricorn, and we can devote to a yearning or vision-seed (or several) and progress with Venus over a Season of Vision-Priestessing.

Even better, given other astro-energetics, there are even more energies supporting inspired visioning, Phoenixing, co-creative alchemy over these months.

Here’s one possible approach to your own Season of Vision-Stirring:

Diana (Artemis) the Huntress, 16th Century, School Of Fontainebleau
Diana (Artemis) the Huntress, 16th Century, School Of Fontainebleau

Venus in Virgo – Cultivating and planting vision seeds into consecrated ground.

Venus in Libra – Incubating and expressing the vision-seeds in thought and word, and ensuring you’ve got your believing mirrors in place.

Venus in Scorpio – Alchemizing the vision-seeds through the Power of the Word and creative magic into energy momentum for ‘earthed’ change.

Venus in Sagittarius – Feeling the energy momentum gaining, and investing thought and word into the inspired, authentic creative adventure of your vision.

Venus in Capricorn – Beginning to see the ‘sprouts’ and growth of the vision seeds planted and tended, while still tending your vision-seed garden.

We can fine-tune and adjust these to meet our own specific visioning needs, depending on what’s up for us at the moment (individually, or for your group or business even). Or come up with something else altogether.

Depending on the timing and tending that work best for us, and on our unique vision seeds and yearnings, we can continue right on cultivating and tending as need be.

Brigid's Fire at Kildare Abbey
Brigid’s Fire at Kildare Abbey

But a container or creative cauldron always helps in these vision-priestessing matters, when we’re wanting to midwife a vision-seed or yearning from the Unseen into the Seen.

In this spirit, delving in to a Season of Visioning with Venus can provide that container and thus help us focus our attention — one of the most important aspects of tending our energy and animating facets of our experience.

It’s high alchemy and magic, yes — creating and midwifing something into being always is — but it’s also accessible and even fun.

One caveat — it requires our dedicated focus, which is a mastery art these days, seeming ever more rare as our focus (and the attention and energy that flow with it) is co-opted more and more by myriad cheap yet compelling distractions of consumer culture.

Psyche Entering Cupid's Garden (1905, John William Waterhouse)
Psyche Entering Cupid’s Garden (1905, John William Waterhouse)

If nothing else, this Season of Visioning can be a purposeful effort to take back your story and reclaim your focus, and with it your own power, mojo, and magic.

Now, though, we start from wherever we are — whether that might be asking to receive a clear vision if we’ve been in the roils of deconstruction and transformation, or planting a vision seed or yearning that we’re aware of, or getting a greater sense of clarity and momentum for a shift that’s underway.

Stirring Vision, Planting Vision-Seeds

I’ll be working with this Season of Visioning (which is why I made it up!) as a container for animating and directing my focus, attention, and energy to two very specific yearnings and related goals from now info February 2016 — prime vision-stirring and vision-seeding time!

Why not join me in the fun?

Waterhouse_DestinyWhat yearning or vision-seed is central to you but keeps getting lost, like a golden needle in the haystack of conditioning and everyone else’s yammerings about what you should do or what you should want or be?

What golden thread wants you to pick it up and weave with it to enhance your life tapestry?

‘Tis the Season to join Venus (with Jupiter-in-Virgo) as Vision Priestess as she progresses through the coming months.

If you’d like a vision-priestessing mentor and Believing Mirror guide to facilitate you through your Season of Visioning  — to help you stay focused on your desirable vision (rather than continuing to feed less-than-desirable things) — send me an email and we’ll talk about visioning sessions and other self-study Visioneering Resources available to you.

Big Love (and True-You Visioning),