Nina, by Pedro Saenz Saenz (1863-1927)
Nina, by Pedro Saenz Saenz (1863-1927)

It’s never a bad time to unclutter the mind, psyche, and energy field from all of the less-than-savory muck floating around the shared (morphogenic) field, and from our own space as well.

The wafting muck does indeed have an effect on us (as the Sufi wisdom-sharer Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee emphasizes in these Sophia’s Children posts – click).

That ‘wafting energetic-psychic muck’ is ‘normal’, it’s always a good time to have cleansing, clearing, and energy-psychic hygiene practices in your handy self-care (and space-tending) repertoire.

Right now as much as ever, what’s wafting around the shared field is at an amped-up level of fear-mongering and toxicity that’s stirred not with our wellbeing in mind. Yuck.

So getting conscious and reclaiming authority over our own minds, energy fields, and spaces is a fine, fine notion at the mome.

Take heart … here’s a bit of good fortune:

You’re right on time, and there are long-honored and long-taught Wise Woman and ancestral ways of being aware and practices to help with just these things.

The Baths of Caracalla, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
The Baths of Caracalla, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

Even better, at a Dark o’ the Moon time and Virgo new moon, the devotion and mindful-tending of the Vestal Virgin priestesses (and other Virgoan peeps) are with us, making the de-con process a bit easier (or at least a bit more now).

My friend and kindred-spirit peep Molly Hall of Wild Bee Grove and Astro-Guide Extraordinaire at, shares this:

“From my vantage point, there are waves of memes that wash over, and many of these come with fuzzy facts.

So many of the absorbing stories of the day are designed for maximum crazymaking.  And most of them are built on a foundation of deception, another Neptunian experience.

One prediction for Neptune in (Pisces) was for mass delusions, and these are contagious like a virus.  And how like a virus are these fear memes, the nightmare of the week, that turns attention toward this and away from that.

So with this Virgo lunation, we enter the zone of decontamination from all that’s wafted and streamed through.  It’s a lunar re-set, to redeem your sanity.”

Read Molly’s full musing with more apt insights in Virgo New Moon: Disinfect Thyself!”

The Forest Pool [Elliot Daingerfield 1859–1932]
The Forest Pool [Elliot Daingerfield 1859–1932]
For more ideas and tips on clearing the mental, psychic, and energy clutter (a.k.a. toxic slime), have a look at these posts from the Sophia’s Children archives:

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If you’d prefer a mentor or guide in the Wise Woman shamanka arts of energy hygiene and related decluttering and transformation, or some guided session work, send me an email (jwalters ‘at’ ivysea ‘dot’ com). I’m happy to explore it with you.

Wishing you a devoted decluttering – a very Virgoan experience!

Big Love,