The Valkyries Vigil, by Edward Robert Hughes (Image courtesy WikiCommons)
The Valkyries Vigil, by Edward Robert Hughes (Image courtesy WikiCommons)

Ahhh, to be an actual, ‘just wired that way’ Empath — One who is naturally made to be more sensitive to the energy currents (subtle and not-so-subtle), including the thoughts and  emotions wafting and swirling around us at any given moment.

To be a Sensing-Empath, or an Empathic-Sensitive as some might say, is to have a set of unique innate gifts or medicines for our times.

In this case, Empathic Sensitivity is an inherent or natural trait — the way we’re made — not a learned-behavior.

But the inherent capacity to actual sense and feel subtle and ‘unseen’ energies? That’s innate, not taught.

I’m not sure — in fact, I don’t actually think — that actual empathy can be taught, though certain awareness or ‘having a clue’ might be increased, and skillful communication and interpersonal behaviors taught (or mimicked).

That said, empathic sensitivity may not always feel like a gift when you’re getting barraged or drained by the energies around you, which is often in these days of neuromarketing, 24/7 adrenalin-stimulating ‘news’ and media programming, and the level of forgetfulness in the culture about the power of thought, words, and emotions.

So to be a natural sensing empath becomes a matter of awareness and skillful cultivation and self-care.

As well as gifts, there are hazards on the path, due to the ‘toxic normal’ conditioning of a Bully Culture that often casts sensitivity and empathy as an aberration (see “You’re Too Sensitive … Not!” below) while at the same time benefiting from the empath’s gifts (and energy).

If you’re a natural empathic, energy-sensitive sort, you know what I’m talking about.

Hope in a Prison of Despair, by Evelyn De Morgan. Image courtesy Wiki-Commons.
Hope in a Prison of Despair, by Evelyn De Morgan. Image courtesy Wiki-Commons.

To cultivate and bring the medicine of your empathic nature (and to be authentic), an Empath is wise to understand the toxic-normal conditioning, and what that looks like in everyday interactions.

That way, the Empath can reclaim her or his Empath mojo by learning to see the bully and energy vampire tactics in play and choose more consciously what you’ll participate with, and what you won’t, thank you very much.

You’ll also honor your Empath nature with the self-care and energy hygiene that helps you bring your Empath medicine to the world (and stay as well and sane as possible while you’re at it!).

After all, if we don’t honor, respect, and stand for our Empath nature, who will?

Butterfly on the Finger (Image courtesy of
Butterfly on the Finger (Image courtesy of

Each of the following posts and articles offers up its own inspiration (for Empaths, by an Empath).

Plus each is a portal through which you’ll find just the right insight to guide you on your beautiful Empathic-Sensitive Way.

This series and focus is ongoing, both in this Sophia’s Children blog and my one-on-one work with Empathic-Sensitive change-agent clients, so I’ll be posting more on this topic.

You’ll find the Resources for Empaths & Sensitives Series page here.


Enjoy the inspiration.

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