Pollination by the Bee, by Louise Docker (2011). CC via Wikimedia.

The ‘wild bees of spirit‘ have spiraled back around, so it’s timely to share anew this “Thresholds and the Wild Bees of Spirit” musing from the Sophia’s Children treasure vault.

‘Tis the season, too, in the Northern Hemisphere, with Spring springing into bloom (and buzz) just now.

Big Love,


Threshold Paths and the Wild Bees of Spirit…

Dawn by the Lake. PD image from hgwallbase.

“There are a lot of people I know — and many I don’t know yet or may never know — who feel or have felt like they’re off-road or off-path, on that unexpected detour without map or compass. They feel like they’re muddling their way through the dark forest and “know it not” (as Dante said).

I’ve known this place, too. I know it now.

Perhaps for some of us, it is the ‘new normal’.

After all, someone needs to be leaving shiny breadcrumbs, lighting candles, standing vigil, and holding lanterns for other Forest Walkers, yes? Perhaps long ago, before coming into this life, you volunteered, too?”

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