This recent musing on the “Walkers Between the Worlds,” the “thresholders” and boundary-tenders of the in-between places, from the An Elegant Mystery blog:

“I think that every culture worthy of the name recognizes the need for such folks. These persons are the boundary keepers, those who tend the boundary between the human community and the wild, more-than-human world in which human culture is embedded. Their craft or work is to keep that boundary porous, to ensure that it remains a fluid membrane and doesn’t harden into a static barrier.” ~ David Abram – The Boundary Keeper

Read the full post, with its gorgeous photos, here.

With deep appreciation and lots of love for my fellow Boundary Keeper, Threshold-Tender tribe-members, and the ‘good medicine’ you help to midwife into the collective in these times.

Big Love,


Featured Image Credit: A favorite of mine – Rafael Sergei Levitsky’s Bridge in the Woods. Public domain – {PD-US}.