Hero Awaiting the Return of Leander, 1885, by Evelyn De Morgan.
Hero Awaiting the Return of Leander, 1885, by Evelyn De Morgan.

Just when you thought it might be safe to go back into the water, another wave from the Zap Zone.

As we know, though, where there’s friction and agitation — where there be monsters — there’s the potential for creativity and magic, too. If we keep our heads and hearts and energy clear … or at least clear enough.

By various reports, and my own sense of things too, it looks like we may have a few days of high-intensity churn-and-burn energy weather over the coming days.

What’s new, right?

Well, true enough, but add a full moon and just the right shift in the energetic and archetypal cocktail and there’s often a bit more juice, fire, or edginess afoot.

That’d be now. We’re in the Zap Zone, my loves. Yes, again.

This full moon is at the early degrees of Sagittarius, coming exact at about 5:14 p.m. EDT, so it’s shining its Luna-Light full-beam into the Mutable astro-zone.

That means key energy-archetypal players include Sun in Gemini, Venus not far behind in Taurus, Mars Retrograde at the Saj-Scorpio border … seriously? … and Neptune in Pisces in close enough orb.

Oh, and did I mention Mercury stationing direct out of it’s retrograde in mid-Taurus? And quicksilver Mercury’s the ‘ruler’ of both Gemini and Virgo?

(See the Nattering Nabobs post in the archives for more on the potential shadow expression of that — link below.)

If you’ve got early Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and/or Pisces in your own blueprint, you’ll be feeling this one.

Sirene, by Gaston Hoffman (1883-1926). Public domain image {US-PD}.
Sirene, by Gaston Hoffman (1883-1926). Public domain image {US-PD}.

But since we’ve all got these threads-of-being somewhere, even if in the just-now psychic and energy pool we all share …

It’s good time to be in the know and thus able to be more discerning and skillful, because those who aren’t and who are getting lit up may be doing the Tantrum Yoga, freaking-out-all-over-ya thing that they do.

So because I love you all, and I know very well what it’s like to sense the prevailing mood and atmosphere of the ‘psychic soup’, here’s a bit of …

Timely Energy & Psychic Hygiene Intel

I’ve just added a new Energy and Psychic Hygiene & Mastery page, with links to a few of the energy & psychic hygiene articles, audios, and more personalized resources for getting a clue and being more skillful.

And rather than recreate the wheel, here are a few ever-green (a.k.a. timeless and perfectly timely right now) posts to give you the gist of the Energies of Now:

Energies of Now: Navigating This Jinn & Tonic Full Moon – Updated

Here’s what’s weird:

Though I updated that Jinn Full Moon article, it was originally done in 2015 and it’s almost spooky how fresh and relevant it still was just now.

Déjà vu, ya?

I also really appreciated Tom Lescher, a.k.a. Kaypacha’s way of seeing the current astrology, so here’s his snapshot. Thanks to my peep, Elena at Junglecuenista, for sharing Tom’s report.

That’s it for now, honey bunnies.

Priestess of Delphi, by John Collier. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Priestess of Delphi, by John Collier. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.


Be aware, stay cool, do the stuff that soothes you, and steer clear of known Drama, Drama Conflama Tantrum-Yogis for a few days.

If you do end up getting gobsmacked with energy-psychic vomit — such a fun phrase from Father Thomas Keating — visit the Energy and Psychic Hygiene & Mastery page for tips and reminders on how to clear the muck and restore your center.

And here’s the Nattering Nabobs of Negativity post I promised to include — with Mercury in serious play right now, knowing the darkside look and feel of that is handy.

Big Love & En-Psy Skillfulness,