She Who Leads, 1924, by Nicholas Roerich. Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York, NY.
She Who Leads, 1924, by Nicholas Roerich. Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York, NY.

Heightened sensitivity and discerning focus.

Divine guidance and devoted practice.

Big Love and attentive thought.

Inspired vision and skillful action.

Cosmic Intelligence and Indigenous Soul.

Heavenly Wisdom and Earth Magic.

These are some of the specific themes of this full moon in Pisces with Sun and Jupiter across the wheel in Virgo, which illuminates, fires up, and reflects the alchemy of the Pisces-Virgo polarity … or partnership.

For how to skillfully (Virgo) and gracefully (Pisces) navigate and alchemize with these energies, now and moving forward, read on.

As with any full moon, emotional and psychic sensitivity heightens, as does the potential for … er … unfortunate ‘acting out’.

Just ask anyone who works in a psych center or an emergency room, or heck, a grocery store and other places where humanoids gather.

When in the Zap Zone, people are extra touchy, and don’t always deal with that well.

An understatement, I know.

Moonscape over Water. Image courtesy of Public Domain Images.
Moonscape over Water. Image courtesy of Public Domain Images.

With a full moon in super-sensitive, boundary dissolving Pisces — ruled by oceanic Neptune — that sensitivity is taken to, through, and past its boundaries.

Add extra ‘juice’ (archetypal energy influences) from Sun and Jupiter in early Virgo and Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio, and that’s a lot of … stimulation, and tender vulnerability right at the surface.

Since I firmly believe that the Holy Divine is elegant and purposeful (or in complexity science terms, there is a pattern and attractor at the heart of seeming chaos) — and I believe that we’re provided with beautiful symbolic, mythic, and metaphorical wisdom for a reason …

… here’s the gist for the Energies of Now:

We have a highly empathic (Pisces) full moon (on August 29th in 2015) that requires all of the inspired-yet-grounded mindfulness and discernment that we can call forth from the more masterful expression of the Wise Hermit Virgo archetype.

For empathic-sensitives, you’ll already be feeling this, and then some.

That means it’s a fine time to honor your innate empathic and sensitive nature through attentive self-care and vigilant boundary tending.

Since everyone is affected by macro-energies like we’ll see at this full moon, we’ll likely see over-sensitivity from more than a few good folk in our midst.

Glory to the Hero, 1933, by Nicholas Roerich. Roerich Museum, NY, NY.
Glory to the Hero, 1933, by Nicholas Roerich. Roerich Museum, NY, NY.

And you know what that means … The Tantrum Yoga and Hissy Fit Zone!

People who are over-stimulated and edgy, and perhaps not adept with holding that tension, are more prone to venting, offloading, and Tantrum Yoga outbursts and psychic-projectile-vomiting to release some of the pent-up, overflowing Zap-Zone juice (links below on that sort of thing!).

Bottom line:

It’s a very fine time to Go All (Higher) Virgo and tend the hearth-fire, be discerning about self-care and going a bit more gently, and counting to ten when:

(1) your own sensitivity tempts you to vent and offload on those around you, or

(2) someone else pours forth with their psychic vomit and you’re the nearest handy offload-bucket.

Yuck … I know.

Been there, done that, so very over it.

Unfortunately, it’s a day in the life for an empath-sensitive, so an ounce of prevention and all of that.

It’s not a good time to Go All (Lower) Virgo and nitpick, micro-manage, and criticize people into the afore-mentioned venting and Tantrum Yoga outbursts (which, in that case, would be understandable, cuz that’s super annoying to be nitpicked-into-rage!).

Fair warning in this case can lead to skillfulness when we need it most.

It’s easier (and more preferable, in hindsight) to do that than it is to clean up afterwards, yes?

The archetypal energies flooding forth at this full moon also have their gifts and benefits, as energetic and psychic sensitivity, discernment, and thinner veils between us and the Holy Divine can do.

These Pisces-Virgo times are a very good for:

  • spiritual devotions, prayer, meditation,
  • visioning and prayer alchemy,
  • asking and listening attentively for Divine guidance,
  • sensing into body wisdom (Virgo) and intuitive (Pisces) direction,
  • taking pleasure in offering and receiving small (or large) kindnesses,
  • cultivating and expressing compassion,
  • forgiving and releasing (let it go, go with the flow),
  • being kind and loving to some patch of earth, and to the body,
  • tending home and hearth with heartful devotion — that sacred ‘little work’ that Dorothy Day and other mystics speak of,
  • steering clear of those known for volatile psychic-vomit-festing,
  • energy clearing and healing (particularly if you’ve been offloaded-upon!),
  • … and so on.
Save Our Souls (1914-16), Save Our Souls, by Evelyn de Morgan (1855-1919). Public domain image courtesy of WikiCommons.
Save Our Souls (1914-16), Save Our Souls, by Evelyn de Morgan (1855-1919). Public domain image courtesy of WikiCommons.

Who’ll feel it more acutely?

Empathic sensitives, because we already have an innate sensitivity to subtle (and no so subtle) energies and sensory input.

Go gently, my fellow empaths, and attune to the Divine guidance and Earth-and-body wisdom more readily available now.

For those with astro-natal placements in early Virgo, early Pisces, early Gemini, and early Sagittarius — the mutable axis — you’ll have a bit more ‘juice’ stirring the creative cauldrons; a bit more ‘creative friction’ to work with (or be worked by).

That means full-moon-juice for early to mid-Sixties-born with first-decan (0-10 degrees) Virgo and Pisces placements — see the previous Phoenix Time for Uranus-Pluto-Virgo Soul Group post for more on the Sixties Babies now in the midst of key-milestone Chiron Returns.

(For example, this moon sees Sun and Jupiter conjunct (on/near) my natal Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, and Neptune and this full moon conjunct my natal Chiron in Pisces.

Knowing that, and knowing the particular energies and archetype-qualities, is helpful to me for working with rather than being worked over by the current energy dynamics in play!)

Those with astro-natal placements in the late fixed signs — last degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius — will receive some of the Zap Juice, too (because the full moon set-up is within conjunction, square, and opposition orb for those degrees as well).

Nina, by Pedro Saenz Saenz (1863-1927)Attuning to the Gifts: Self-Care and Sacred Ritual

If you find meaning in sacred ritual and devotions — very, very Virgoan (think Vestal Priestesses of the Virgo Mysteries) — working with Water and Earth elements might feel particularly rewarding.

All self-care that slows you down, connects you with Earth, and soothes the nervous system is a good idea. Ground and calm are the operative words.

When we slow down, we also have much easier access to discernment, or at least our ability to count to ten before psychic-vomiting all over someone else (or back onto someone having Tantrum Yoga episodes, and thus causing ourselves no small degree of upset).

And you can yawn.

Seriously, it’s neurologically proven to calm that ‘fight or flight’ survival trigger and activate the pathway to more mindful, conscious, creative, intuitive, empathic thought and behavior.

Yawning, it turns out, is good for us. No wonder it was rendered taboo! Buck conditioning and use the Power Yawn to your advantage, and others benefit as well.

The Messenger, 1922, by Nicholas Roerich. Roerich Museum, NY, NY.
The Messenger, 1922, by Nicholas Roerich. Roerich Museum, NY, NY.

Handy Resources for Now:

In addition to the few suggestions already mentioned, you’ll find other ‘soothe and calm’ intel — and tips for recognizing and dealing with Tantrum Yoginis and Hissy Fitters — here:

Resources for Empath & Sensitives Series

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In the meanwhile, go gently my friends, and enjoy the powerful satisfaction we can find in small devotions and random kindnesses.

May these days be deeply restorative, meaningful, and inspired for you.

Big Love,