Circe's Palace, by Maxfield Parrish (1938). You'll find an original Divinely Feminine audio program on Circe's Magic in the Academy of the Divine Feminine.
Circe’s Palace, by Maxfield Parrish (1938). You’ll find an original Divinely Feminine audio program on Circe’s Magic in the Academy of the Divine Feminine.

“We are descending into the dark time of the year, the juicy time of mystery of earth and psyche. This liminal time before Samhain calls us to cast off that which does not serve us and evoke the wild woman.”

“This is a creative time to stir the cauldron of our dreams and bring into being what is desiring to be expressed by us. The roots are potent and the underworld energies are crucial in supporting our most alive selves.”

~ Julie Charette Nunn, Crow’s Daughter

I love this season, as the light begins to wane and the landscape begins to change, and we move through Autumn and across the threshold into Winter. Perhaps being born at the cross-quarter time of Imbolc, I feel a particular affinity for the rich fertility of so-called fallow times, of Night.

Market Girl by Candle Light, by Petrus Van Schendel (1806-1870)
Market Girl by Candle Light, by Petrus Van Schendel (1806-1870)

But wherever you are and whatever the season, that rich fertility and creative cauldron of the liminal is always within reach.

At the liminal or ‘thin times’, we have easier access to what we might call Divine Guidance, inspiration, intuition, psychic ‘seeing’, or more heart-and-soul-attuned insight.

The liminal has long been associated with the deep or divine Feminine, those capacities that are closed off and unavailable when we’re locked solely into left-brain, analytical mode. We cultivate access to the liminal — the medial Feminine — when we cultivate and reclaim our Feminine gifts.

The Titan's Goblet (1833) by Thomas Cole.
The Titan’s Goblet (1833) by Thomas Cole.

The liminal or ‘thin times’ (or places) are often the threshold or in-between or meeting places: Dawn and dusk, where night turns to day, and day to night; where land meets water; where one state of being opens to another.

This season in the Northern Hemisphere, traveling from Autumn Equinox through the Winter Solstice to Imbolc in early February, is the season of Cerridwen and her Creative Cauldron, Awen.

And it’s a time and season for visioning … for checking in with your higher, deeper self (and Divine guidance, if you’re so inclined) to refresh, rejuvenate, or reconnect with your sense of vision, purpose, and meaning — for living into the question about what has heart, joy, and meaning for you.

Whatever the season, we can go consciously into the magic of the Deep Feminine, the Black Madonna and Dark Goddess, which is a rich and fertile field of vision and rejuvenation indeed.

From that cultivated liminal ground, with the creative cauldron consciously stirred, we rediscover Life’s Magic – a different way of seeing, sensing, perceiving, tending, and creating in and with the energies of Life.

May you be creatively and gracefully stirred.

Big Love,


The deeper and stronger our roots, the more gracefully we navigate the storms.”

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