Leda and the Swan [by Elliot Daingerfield, 1859–1932]
Leda and the Swan [by Elliot Daingerfield, 1859–1932]

“Trees have their sap from water. Water fecundates all things made that are called “creature”. We see by means of water. Water gives many souls a splendour not to be outshone by the Angels.”

~ Wolfram von Eschenbach (c. 1170 – c. 1220), Bavarian Knight, Epic Poet & Author of Parzival

In the Northern Hemisphere, November begins a season of shifting (and shapeshifting) energies, archetypal stirrings, callings that want to be heard, and what some of our ancestors would have called ‘thin times’ and that are surely deep-Yin times.

Then again, in these epically transformative times, we often find ourselves living amidst shifting (and shapeshifting) energies, archetypal stirrings, callings trying to be heard!

(To help you more skillfully and confidently navigate these transformative cycles, check out the links and resources shared throughout this post)

Practically speaking, this means lots of people may feel pressed, shaken, and stirred, psychically sensitive and emotionally activated.

Some things we thought were ‘real’ may feel like they’re falling apart and this shapeshift may seem frustratingly beyond our ‘best efforts’ to hold it together (no matter how much frenzied duct-taping and chicken-wiring we attempt!).

In deep-Yin times, we may feel more strongly beckoned by things and ancestors past, calling us to remember something forgotten but needed now.

Sirene, by Gaston Hoffman (1883-1926). Public domain image {US-PD}.
Sirene, by Gaston Hoffman (1883-1926). Public domain image {US-PD}.

As I’ve mused and written before, we can tune in to hear (or feel or sense or see) echoes of forgotten things, like shiny breadcrumbs seeking to guide us to deeper meaning, the reclamation of important ancestral wisdom.

In deep-Yin and ‘shifting times’, this is even more the case.

Like the sea, intense feelings and what floats in or up with them might come in waves.

So what helps us to surf, swim, float, and/or flow-like-water in the way the energies of Life and its currents seem to want to take us?

Practical measures:

Self-care and soothing, deeper breathing, being aware of the Hero/ine’s Journey passages, counting to ten before you overflow and spew at someone else (see the ‘psychic vomit’ post via that link!), or more of the Energy Hygiene mastery practices.

Water remains the dominant elemental force, though we’ve got a touch of Earth to ground us and Fire to stir us.

Current shifts and “Being in our Elements”

Venus becomes Capricorn-flavored and evokes Sophian Wisdom.

Watery archetypal energies afoot sensitize us and activating our psychic and emotional natures, and so does Fire, though in a different way.

Fire, in the elemental symbolism, is the energy, eros, passion, inspiration that moves us from ‘idea’ to ‘right action’ and manifestation.

Earth helps us to ground and ‘sink our roots‘ (or grow new ones!), and helps us ‘bring to Earth’ the ideas, inspirations, and passions stirred up and evoked.

Air helps us to gain some equanimity, inspired insights and ideas, a bit of needed distance when the ‘stirred up psychic-soup‘ threatens to suck us into its tractor beam and overwhelm us.

If you know your constitution and how you tend to receive information from the world around you — with the traditionally recognized senses, and with the senses that are more attuned with the ‘Unseen’ — you’ll be better able to stay centered and resourceful.

We exist, or swim if you will, in the greater sea of energy, and we’re ‘wired’ to be aware of other energies around us. This is how or why we notice these shifts.

The Genius of the Canyon [Elliot Daingerfield, 1859–1932]
The Genius of the Canyon [Elliot Daingerfield, 1859–1932]
At the same time, the Uranus-Pluto transformation team continues to push us (or strikes us with proverbial lightning).

Though many have talked of the Uranus-Pluto meeting as past us now — and it is in so far as exact alignments go — just look to the history of these cycles and you’ll know we’ll see more coming up in their wake.

So we continue to be shaken, stirred, pushed, struck, zapped, and generally inundated with shifting energies and a full inflow from the  ‘psychic soup’.

Awareness and discernment help us to make the most of what’s coming up — with the purpose (or possibility) of opening us to our more authentic natures and shucking us from false conditioning and sorcerous shenanigans, e.g. that which are not, nor has ever been, in our own or the greater highest good.

As our friend Wolfram the Knight and Poet reminds us, “We see by means of Water.”

Moonscape over Water. Image courtesy of Public Domain Images.
Moonscape over Water. Image courtesy of Public Domain Images.

This alludes to our more emotional, psychic, Feminine nature, which more easily accesses the liminal, the in-between, and that not easily seen or sensed by our Western-conditioned linear mind and ‘five senses’.

The invitation is to remember and honor lost or forgotten ancestral wisdom, including the access to your own Feminine, liminal (empathic, psychic, intuitive) gifts and senses.

The other mastery practices like discernment, nonresistance (in its true meaning), present moment awareness, and others, have very, very practical effects.

That’s part of our birthright, and by reclaiming it we become more whole, grounded in our ancestral foundation, and able to access a more trustworthy guidance for navigating passionate seas and moving forward truly.

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