Jack o' Lanterns Galore (photo from Season of Shadows)
Jack o’ Lanterns Galore (photo from Season of Shadows)

“… what’s been lost, can be remembered and reclaimed, as many are doing now.”

~ Molly Hall, Wild Bee Grove

It’s that time of year again, at least in some cultures, when the stores are filled with bags of candy, Halloween costumes, and Jack o’ Lantern decorations. Kids and some adults dress up in costumes expressing favorite celebrities, film characters, superheroes, or deeper archetypes. Much chocolate is consumed.

These are the folk remnants of more ancient ancestral traditions that often call to us through vague yet persistent yearnings for a sense of greater meaning or more simple, grounded practices as ‘time flies’ over the course of the year and seasons.

My friend Molly Hall has written a wonderful piece, “Curious Things About Halloween,” highlighting some of the wonderful and interesting roots of our contemporary Halloween festivities.

Ancient olive tree (photo from Medolico's Olive Facts)
Ancient olive tree (photo from Medolico’s Olive Facts)

In keeping with this deeply Scorpionic time, she delves beneath the surface ‘eye candy’ (which can be fun and yummy) to the deeper origins and meanings which feed our roots.

And in attunement with the deeply ancestral spirit of the season and the current archetypes and energetics in play — this was one of many times of honoring the ancestors who came before us — Molly writes:

“I find this image compelling since Pluto is in  in Capricorn, a feminine sign of ancient earthly powers.  At Samhain, we can honor those who ancestors of a tradition, and heal these lineages by reviving earth power in ourselves.”

With my Mercury and South Node in Capricorn, and my Part of Fortune at the ‘Ancestral Wisdom and Family Tree’ degree (!), I’ve long had a strong connection to my ancestral lineage and indigenous wisdom traditions, which can give a sense of foundation and meaning (as well as clues to yearnings and patterns).

In whatever way, whether simply or more involved, we can sink into our own roots, attune to the ancestral wisdom we carry in our cells and bones, and notice the gifts and callings that come up and through each of us.

Enjoy the article and these days of All Hallow’s Eve, All Soul’s Day, Samhain, and yes, Hallow’een.