Fog lifting at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, U.K. [Photo from Outdoors Magic - Walking Stonehenge]
Fog lifting at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, U.K. [Photo from Outdoors Magic – Walking Stonehenge]

“History became legend. Legend became myth. And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost.”

Galadriel, in Lord of the Rings

We live in a time of deep remembering, perhaps made both necessary and more urgent by the  growing consequences of our culture of deep forgetting.

The remembering seems to come first to what Fiona MacLeod in The Wings of Destiny called “… that little scattered clan to whom the wild bees of the spirit come, as secret wings in the dark, with the sound and breath of forgotten things.”

Psyche Entering Cupid's Garden (John William Waterhouse)
Psyche Entering Cupid’s Garden (John William Waterhouse)

This is a topic that runs like a constant thread through the fabric of my own life, and I’ve been musing ever more deeply on some of these threads and rich ancestral-lineage and indigenous wisdom connections recently. Look for a post on these recent musings within the next week.

Until then, listening deeply, looking more deeply, sleuthing more intently … these are all perfect themes for these times that are now underway.

And why would we bother to do that?

Because it’s what helps us to connect with our deepest wisdom, our great joy, our innate intuitive knowing, and the ancestral well of truth and courage that resides in our bones and cells.

It helps us to connect more deeply with the spirits of the place where we are, and see clearly and settle the murkiness of our false conditioning, and thus surf the waves of whatever’s ‘up’ in our lives just a bit more gracefully and adventurously.

Plus some additional perks of introspecting, like a greater sense of wellbeing and confidence that isn’t sourced in which shade of white your teeth are or whether you’re wearing the ‘flavor of the minute’ shoes.

These archetypes takes us much deeper than that sort of nutrient-free surface-skimming fluff, which is why Scorpionic deep-diving — while admittedly not for the faint-of-heart — yields more juicy results.

Lamia, by John William Waterhouse
Lamia, by John William Waterhouse

For now, to stir your inner wisdom, awaken your mojo, and connect with these intensely archetypal, transformational Energies of Now, read my previous Sophia’s Children posts: You’re in Scorpio Season Now, and Let the Mermaid Lead You (which features a favorite image and quote of mine!).

And while you’re on a wakeup roll, take a look at my peep Molly Hall’s recent musings on Scorpio Magic and this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio cycle.

If you’d like a guide and lantern-holder as you delve deep in search of your truth, wisdom, and purpose; or navigate some of those not-for-the-faint-of-heart life shifts, send along an email and we can schedule a session or I’ll gladly point the way to other Ivy Sea and Sophia’s Children resources.

Be Well and Happy truth-sleuthing.