Sunlight at Stonehenge Photo from Wikipedia
Sunlight at Stonehenge
Photo from Wikipedia

And here we are, once again in the season of Lughnasa-Lammas (or Imbolc, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere … inspiration and links for both below).

Technically, the ‘exact’ time for this ancestral ‘Festival of Light & Harvest’ is when the Sun reaches 15 degrees of Leo — August 7th this year.  On the traditional calendar, this festival is at the beginning of August.

But why skimp on time dedicated to ancestral traditions that are (potentially) rich with meaning for us?

In stingy and chaotic times of great transformation, sinking our roots and reaching out our hearts for ancestral wisdom helps to reinforce our foundations, regardless of what’s blowing around or dissolving on the surface of life.

Rather than writing a brand new post about the magic of this ‘thin time’, I’ll link to a juicy-rich post I wrote last year at this time, because there is a lot of rich inspiration (and a few inspired images, too).

The waterfalls at Glencar Lough (courtesy of PDPhoto via Creative Commons)
The waterfalls at Glencar Lough (courtesy of PDPhoto via Creative Commons)

Plus, there are similarities even in dates and the added astro-energetic cauldron of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, which was at the feast last year at this time, too, just as it is now.

A key difference is the current Grand Water Trine, lending the powerful astro-energies and archetypal inspiration of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

[Find handy intel on the Watery Magic of this set-up in previous recent posts here at Sophia’s Children.]

Find more about working with fiery energies, here.

Dig deep; dive in. There’s inspiration and magic to be savored and co-created.

So let’s linger here no longer. In the spirit of dedicated seasonal festivity, and in the honor of the ancestors whose wisdom and experience lives in our bones …

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Wishing you a rich harvest and a flow of wild grace.