Standing Stones at Twilight [Image from Sacred Geometry at The Big Idea]
Standing Stones at Twilight [Image from Sacred Geometry at The Big Idea]
Two very different articles on shamanic practice came into my email inbox in the same morning.

I’ll share both of them here in the Sophia’s Children blog, since many multi-tradition Indigenous Wisdom paths have so much in common with the re-emerging Feminine and the Via Feminina.

From shamanic practitioner Lenore Norrgard, comes an article on Shamanic Activism. Lenore writes:

“Our times grow more demanding every day, so I was happy when Jonathan Horwitz, founder of the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, wanted to discuss how shamanic activism can help heal our world.”

I enjoyed the insights and perspectives in their conversation, particularly the emphasis on approaching the practices with integrity — something that doesn’t always make it into the teachings or practice.

Read the full Journal of Contemporary Shamanism “Shamanic Activism” article here.

Candles lit for blessings Photo from Flickriver
Candles lit for blessings
Photo from Flickriver

The second is on what I’d call a shamanic caveat that comes from Alex Webley’s PsycheWizard blog article, Fancy Being a Shaman? Perhaps Not …,” excerpting a perspective from Northern European shamanic practitioner, Galina Krasskova.

I can completely relate to what Alex and Galina share.

Being called (or kidnapped, like Persephone) into the path and the many initiations is very different than the ego-seducing (and ego-stroking) ‘spiritual entertainment‘ approach that Regina Sara Ryan, author of Praying Dangerously, aptly called, “Picnicking at the edge of the chasm.”

If you’re expecting the picnic and end up in the chasm, that’s one rude awakening, albeit a rich one (in hindsight, particularly!).

And if you’re called to the radically transformative path, the only real choice is to engage with your calling, because Life will have her way with you. It’s your path and part of your reason for being here in these times.

Read the Webley/Krasskova perspective, “Fancy Being a Shaman? Perhaps Not…” perspective here.

Once you’re on the path, or rather ‘in the chasm’, you’re in it.

You’ll find lots of musings on my own journeys here and in the Sophia’s Children blog archives.

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