The beautiful 'water bearer' is Circe by John William Waterhouse (1892).
The beautiful ‘water bearer’ is Circe by John William Waterhouse (1892).

This will likely be one of several additions to my blog posts for Energy for Empaths & Energy Sensitives, since I’m hearing from quite a few E&S’s who are feeling challenged these days or full-out under siege by the transformative energies, solar rads, collective consciousness weirdings, and some toxic juju and psychic-energy attack stuff.

In an upcoming post, I’ll share a few practices that I use regularly and have found helpful as a ShaMystica and fellow empath and energy sensitive in dealing with toxic juju and energy and psychic attack-type scenarios — it’s an occupational hazard for more empathically sensitive people, so having a well-stocked Magic Backpack (aka ‘tool kit’) is vital to sanity and wellbeing.

Given that we’ve got a beautiful Grand Water Trine happening in the astro-energetics of now, working with the energy, metaphor, and actuality of the Water element makes a lot of sense.

Additionally, Water is an element often associated in ancient times and modern ones with feeling, emotion, and — you guessed it — empathic sensitivity. [You can even see clues in your own astro natal chart.]

For now,  I’ll share some favorite water-related practices that can be helpful in clearing and transmuting toxic energies from your energy field and also in seeking guidance in the midst of sometimes chaotic ‘energy chatter’.

Plus, you’ll find some links to previous Energy Hygiene & Hazards blog posts that include more handy tried-and-true practices.

Working with Water

There are a lot of ways to work ritually and imaginally with the element of Water, so I’ll just include a few of my favorites here.

In my own energy and ShaMystica work and practice, I often borrow images from my favorite Sci-Fi movies or Nature scenes, so let your imagination … that right brain, Feminine, intuitive insight … guide you.

Taking an (Energy) Shower

Given the energies swirling around now, some of the basic energy-management practices demonstrate their worth. This one’s good to consider for your morning and before-bedtime practices to start and end your day.

For this one, simply envision yourself under a Divine Love-Light energy or imaginal shower or lovely, gentle waterfall, with a clear and mindful intention to ‘hose off’ and transmute toxic or otherwise unhelpful energies with a clean-vibe energy stream.

So basic, but — as with grounding practices — there’s a reason it’s a foundational practice. As with much energy work, clarity of focus and intention are key.

Filling Up with Good Juju

Whenever we do energy cleansing (or toxic juju extractions, etc.), it’s good practice to ‘fill up’ or restore energy — symbolically, imaginally ,and intentionally — with what I’d call our own authentic Divine energy.

Imagine your energy field filling up with perfectly harmonized, balanced Divine energy.

Underwater Cave Image from
Underwater Cave
Image from

Taking a Dip in Clear, Calm Alpine Waters

I was inspired to include this in my Magic Backpack of energy and imaginal practices after the image appeared several times in one week a bunch of years ago, including a literal visit to a beautiful alpine lake near Mt. Shasta.

My preference is to imagine the alpine lake at night, reflecting the moon and stars in its perfectly clear surface. In Taoist reference, mental and emotional turbulence are symbolized by choppy, murky waters, so clear, calm waters symbolize the settling of more chaotic energies.

You might choose to imagine yourself at the shore, invoking your Spirit allies or guides, and slowly, gently walking on soft sand into and immersing yourself in the calm, clear waters, intending that any Not You energies or toxic, unhelpful energies are instantly transmuted into neutral or Divine Love energies and/or ‘returned to sender’ in alignment with Divine Will.

When this feels complete and refreshed for you, leave the waters and return to your Spirit allies waiting for you on shore and ready to drape you with a soft, protective robe.

Water Blessing and Blessed Water

This notion and practice was given a boost in more recent times by the work of Dr. Masuro Emoto’s images and studies of the effects of positive or negative vibrations (words, etc.) on water crystals.

Based on his work as well as eons-long traditions of prayer and blessing, speak or write blessings and other ‘high vibration’ words to bless a glass, bottle, or pitcher of water that you can then drink and use for other rituals and purposes. You can add flower essences, too, if you wish.

Not surprisingly, some of the highest vibration words — and effects — noted in Dr. Emoto’s work included Love, Gratitude, Thank You, I love you, blessing … you get the gist. These are the same words we can feel the vibration of ourselves (and the ones that my Feline peeps purr at!).

Remember, our own bodies are made up of a majority percentage of water, so in blessing water, we bless ourselves and others, too.


This was an ancient practice, and one used now by some practitioners as a way of focusing attention when seeking Divine guidance.

When scrying, an ancient ancestor may have filled a bowl with water to focus her attention on the smooth, reflective surface. She may also have called forth that image imaginally — something that’s easier to do as you proceed with your energy and ShaMystica training and practice.

Today, we can do the same thing to help focus our attention on receiving insights or images in our requests for Divine guidance.

Water as Teacher

I’ve mentioned this before in previous entries, but if we reflect on the element of Water … how it flows, how it settles and allows murky sediments to clear, how it — even while being such a soft, pliant substance — can wear away even the sharpest edges of stone and make valleys through the mountains … we can allow those same qualities to be awakened within us.

These are just a few of the ways that Water is our ally as move through the world as empaths and energy sensitives, prioritizing the self-care and inner guidance that helps us to more effectively share our gifts with the world and fulfill our purpose amidst the chaotic energies of these transformative times.

You’ll find some additional ideas (and two other links) in my earlier Energy Hygiene & Hazards for Empaths and Sensitives blog post here at Sophia’s Children.

You’ll find the whole Resources for Empaths & Sensitives post series here, too.

If you’d like to explore these practices or develop your own ShaMystica Feminina gifts and capacities, send me an email or explore some of the Feminine Mojo offerings I’ve created in my own meanderings in the River of Life.

Big Love and Lots of Blessings,