It’s in the Air. Or maybe it’s the Water.

Or maybe it’s the Air Sign Aquarius Water Bearer pouring forth the Waters of Spirit — the ‘be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind’ Aqua-Elixir — to quench the thirst of humanity.

Well, whichever it is, here’s one of the key possibilities with the Energies of Now — our mission, should we choose to dive in and accept it.

“We are constantly invited to be who we are.”

That’s Henry David Thoreau, and he both knew and embodied that particular theme. The follow-on quip that comes to mind is: “Many are called, but few answer.”

Thoreau did answer, though.

He walked his talk — often literally; he was a devotee of The Lost Art of Walking. He persistently experimented into his questions. And given that he had Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Cancer; Saturn, Chiron, and Pluto in Pisces; and Aquarius Rising, he was not only an Empath-Sensitive (with all of that Water!), but he’s a rather good Poster Boy for the Energies of Now.

In the Spirit of this theme and mission, as I’ve been wandering through the byways of inspiration this morning, a few posts popped up that seem to be In the Spirit for this Grand Water Trine (see previous posts and links) and the upcoming Aquarius Full Moon (the first of two Aqua-Illumination Moons).

I’ll just share the links and let you enjoy a delicious meander through them, soaking up the inspiration you need.
Rain, Rainbow & Stormy Seas, by Peter Godfrey Coker [National Maritime Museum]
The first is from the Sophia’s Children archives and is called Walking on Stormy Seas.

Since ‘reality‘ may well feel that way for more than a few of us at the mome, you might appreciate the post, too (hint: it contains wisdom from both scripture — interpreted metaphysically — and was equally inspired by a story shared by the always inspiring poet, David Whyte).

The second blog-inspiration for Now is from the ever-insightful Molly Hall at her Wild Bee Grove cyber muse space. In Mercury Rx: Report from the Swamp, she highlights a few of the themes and invitation pathways that we have huge cosmic help in accessing now.

Molly’s mention of the power of Imagination — and the perfectly  faboo image she includes — recalled for me another Sophia’s Children Archive post, Sophia’s Mission for Us, which highlights and links to musings on our Sophian Endowment … our Divine Gifts.

Mother of the World, by Nicholas Roerich [Roerich Museum, NYC]
Mother of the World, by Nicholas Roerich [Roerich Museum, NYC]
Can you guess what one of our major Sophian Endowment gifts is? Imagination, and it’s one of the gifts that is most co-opted.

“We are constantly invited to be who we are.”

Thoreau knew it well, and he was right. He is right.

This is a major invitation now, and the Energies of Now, with the Uranus-Pluto Square and the Mystica Grand Water Trine, shower cosmic help upon us so that we might reclaim the Divine Gifts that have been co-opted and begin Weaving a New Dream with them more intentionally and heartfully.

In the Spirit of the upcoming ‘free your mind, Neo’ Aquarius Full Moon, this Aqua Feminina says, “Woo hoo!” All very exciting, wouldn’t you say? Can you Imagine it? Oh, let’s, shall we?

Love and Blessings on the Way,


Featured Image Credit: Big Sur, California. Public domain photo by Jon Sullivan, PD Photo. Thank you, Jon! 

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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