NASA photo of giant sunspot ‘archipelago’ AR1520, turning toward Earth mid-July 2012 with the potential for x-class flares.

Remember that line from Quentin Tarantino’s movie, Pulp Fiction?

Be cool, honey bunny.

Well, it’s pretty good advice right about now, too.

Have you noticed that people around you are a bit (or a lot) testier or more short-tempered and cranky than usual? Or in a funk? Or waves of both?

Have you felt more irritable or out-of-sorts and ‘funked’ than usual?

I have, on all counts. I’ve seen several people going at it — none of whom ‘believe’ in astrology but who are, ironically, playing it out perfectly. And others just itchin’ to pick a fight or ‘be right’. Or I’ve heard from quite a few people experiencing waves of depression.

I’ve felt more irritable, too, and have been much less tolerant of some things that I’ve perhaps been too tolerant of in the past. In keeping with the times, I’m taking note, and shifting those old habits. And I’ve had those waves of depressed funk roll in. too.

Yogi Bhajan called it ‘cold depression’, and said it’d be more and more common as the big-shifts wave in. (Check out kindred-spirit HariBhajan’s comments about cold depression and this shift to Aquarian Age values.)

Here’s some of what’s up:

The perfect symbols for Uranus and Pluto. Groovy, psychedelic National Cathedral, from Ewilfong through Creative Commons.

In addition to the very toasty temperatures throughout the U.S. and in many other ‘hot spots’ around the world,  we’re all affected by the Big Astrology of Now.

You know, the kind of astrology that people look back at and refer to by a nifty title, like The Sixties.

Right now in the cosmic dance, there are three planets vying for a center-stage tango, and you can guess how that might work out.

Fiery Mars, fresh into Libra but still lookin’ for a fight, comes into aspect with the famed Uranus-Pluto Square.

Let’s just say that these aren’t mild energies or archetypes. Quite the opposite. None of these archetypes are ‘meek conformists’; they’re transformers.

What’s more, it’s been an active week in Solar Flareville, with NASA watching several enormous sunspots that have been shooting solar flare CMEs our way. As far as I’m concerned, anything that can zap technology and electrical grids can zap us (bein’ electrical creatures as we are).

If you’re generally attuned or sensitive to energies, what are you  noticing? (Add your comments below.)

A cool, cool cucumber-mint soda,

Whatever the elements adding to the mix, it’s always helpful to be aware that tempers could be a little hotter than usual, and aim to stay cool, honey bunny.

If you’re in the know, and up to date on your stay-cool strategies, you can be an Agent of Cool & Calm as tempers (and temps) flare around you.

Or at the very least, you can choose not to get drawn into someone else’s spectacular temper tantrum.

Cool like a cucumber & sending you Big Love,


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