Mary Magdalene, by Leonardo DaVinci

Happy Solstice!

June is a busy month in astro-energetic terms, featuring a flurry of not-so-usual activity.

Like the eclipse full moon, the 2nd of two Gemini new moons, Neptune stationing retro, Venus and Saturn stationing forward, and the much-anticipated, “Sixties Revisited” Uranus-Pluto square.

That’s a lot.

The really big news, though, in addition to the twin eclipses and Uranus-Pluto square, was the Venus transit of the Sun.

The Venus Transit is an astronomical event that comes in an 8 year cycle. It was followed and noted by the ancients of multiple cultures, and doesn’t happen again until 2117. There are some great photos at NASA’s site, and

Venus transit of the Sun, June 12, 2012

Earlier in the month, there was so much commentary floating around the ethers on the Venus-Sun transit that I didn’t feel called to toss my musings into the clutter at the time.

From the astrology perspective, the overwhelming interpretation of this event was “the return of the solar Feminine.” A few commentators said it, and a whole lot more repeated it.

That’s pretty literal, and something didn’t seem quite right about “the return of the solar Feminine” to me, or at least not complete.

After all, the Venus transits also occurred in 1874, 1761, and 1639, and one assumes every 243 years or so prior to that.

An historical astrologer could track the known shifts, changes, and major events of those years to suss out a theme, but we know that some of those timeframes were pretty, um, unwelcoming of the Feminine.

But perhaps this year’s Venus transit does add yet another homeopathic drop of the Venusian and Feminine into the collective energy and psyche. Drop, drop, drop, drop … the way water erodes away the sharpest stone.

Perhaps as that homeopathic energy of Venus glided between the Sun and Earth, She worked with the partial-lunar eclipse at the full moon to dissolve away some of the false programming ‘imprinted’ around the Feminine on the subconscious.

Combined with the variety of other powerful and atypical transits and prophecies, the portal through which the Feminine re-emergences may well be widening, allowing more and more of that consciousness into the collective and supporting the planetary shift that’s underway.

All in all?

Take in that homeopathic dose of Venus-flavored solar energy and let it saturate you and merge with your own Divine Spark. Follow it within to identify what feels right to you, what feels authentic and true, and what really does matter in the grander scheme of things.

To dive more deeply into Venus, visit the Sophia’s Children blog archives at Typepad.

More fresh musings coming up.

Lots of love,


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Image Credits: Mary Magdalene, by Leonardo DaVinci; Venus transit 2012 from Tim Wilson,