Sophia, by Nicholas Roerich

Just as the Wisdom Goddess Sophia dreamed us into being eons ago, so too are we now dreaming Sophia’s re-emergence into collective consciousness.

I’ve shared many musings on Sophia over the years, and like to share other wonderful resources as well because you just can’t have too much Sophia Muse Food right now.

Our dreaming-Sophia-awake requires much nourishment.

Here is one Sophia Musing I came across this morning, from my fellow Daughter of Sophia, Kathleen Damiani, author of the Molly Dragonslayer novel series.

“Sophia is the third most often mentioned divine figure in the Bible, yet she was systematically deleted from theological development in these religions during the common era. Her disappearance appears to have been a deliberate attempt by rabbis, priests, and theologians to remove any trace of her “problematic” character, her speeches, teachings–and especially her presence with God at creation (his architect/designer etc.) that is described in Proverbs.”

“Sophia represents the intelligence of the Life Force as experienced within us. Alive within our own human consciousness, that life force–both biological and sacred–struggles to express its creative vision; to celebrate and appreciate and relate to the natural world, its plants and animals; and to refine and nurture social conscience within the human community.”

“Enormous and virulent forces, however, rise up to exterminate the awakened life force in an individual. Pressures to obey and submit to personal, political, or religious agendas condition masses of people to unwittingly conform to absurdity, competition, self-interest, and greed. Some scholars call these contrary forces the “dragon”; Nietzsche called them the “spirit of gravity”; physicists might call them simply entropy; the Gnostics called them “Archons.”

For more on ‘the Archontic’ influences and our ‘Sophia Endowment’ that we’re remembering back into being now, listen to my Sophia Mysteries Series conversations with John Lamb Lash, in the Feminine Mojo Shows.

Clytie, by Frederic, Lord Leighton (1830-1896)

The first of my Sophia Series discusses the Archontic influence — you have to recognize it to free yourself of it.

The second in the Sophia Series with John Lash explores our “Sophia Gifts” that helps us to see and navigate around it.

This series is like a course on the Sophia Mysteries — whenever we listen or read such things, we connect into the energy of remembrance and feed the Divine Spark within us.

You can also read some of my previous Sophia Musings from the Sophia’s Children archives — here’s a start: Remembering Sophia and Our Divine Gifts from Sophia.

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