In the Season of Lights posts that I’ve shared here over the years, many traditions include teachings about our Divine Spark — “This Little Light of Mine” as the song goes (see yesterday’s post for Bruce’s amazing, smile-inducing rendition of that song!).

Here’s just one great story of the good things people do as caring neighbors and community members — I came across the story of Suzy DeYoung’s La Soupe in the September/October 2018 edition of the Eating Well magazine (also well worth checking out!).

Check out the story of La Soupe, a heart-warming and body-and-soul nourishing effort in Cincinnati, Ohio.

There are so many other good things happening out there at the interpersonal level and in local communities!

What are some of your favorite examples?

Share them in the comments or in your own blog post and link back (your post link will appear in the comments section here for others to see).

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Featured Image Credit: Healthy meals distributed by La Soupe using perfectly good foods that would otherwise have been tossed in the landfill.

Be the Light, Help Illuminate the Way … [Image shared in an e-message from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism]
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