Mindful inquiry. Sacred inquiry. Transformative inquiry. Affirmative inquiry.

All of these point to a particular way of working with questions that’s a little different from the same old, same old.

This was one of the topics (or themes, or skill areas) that wove its way through my years of skillful-, conscious-communication consulting and facilitating or guiding individuals and groups through some conflict- and challenge-filled passages.

Mindful Inquiry — along with a few related “Beauty Way of Relating” themes and skill-areas — has spiraled back up more recently, freshly relevant, a ‘medicine’ for divisiveness-stoked times.

Fertile and fruitful questions. Image courtesy of PD Pictures.net.

I shared one perspective in a talk earlier today — how mindful inquiry can be a spiritual practice and facet of Spiritual or Mystic Activism (how wonderful to be invited to share on this with such a lovely group of people!).

I’ll share the full talk in the coming days/weeks.

In the meanwhile, since mindful inquiry is ‘up’ as one ‘medicine’ for these “instant outrage” times, here are a few Sophia’s Children musings that share inspiration on how inquiry might be much more than just a skillful communication tactic (and that’s a pretty important thing, too).

Inquiry & Related Inspirations from Sophia’s Children archives:

The Question Holds the Lantern (inspired by John O’Donohue’s evocative phrase)

Loving the Questions Themselves

Cultivating “Heartistry” and Whole-Heartedness

Are you navigating an overwhelming life (or purpose-seeking) passage or communication challenge?

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Featured image credit: Cosmic Question Mark. PD from Nafpatkia wallpapers.

The Fair Face of Woman, by Sophia Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903)
The Fair Face of Woman, by Sophia Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903)

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